This is simply wonderful.  Take a look at the illustration below and see if you can spot the face.  Once you have seen it you won’t believe that you once didn’t see it…


Don’t say where it is, but feel free to say if you spotted it and long long it took.  This probably says something about you, but I have no idea what.

Update: If you are stuck, there is a clue after the break….

Bottom left


  1. Been staring at it for a couple minutes and absolutely nothing. This isn’t one of thos magic eye type things is it? Because I know I can’t do those.

    1. It is NOT made up of a couple beans, it is only one bean. It is not like one of those “see what you want” paintings.

  2. Nothing magic eye or 3D thingy. Indeed just a plain male face. Once you see it, you will keep seeing it. Seen this photo a few years ago and took me I guess a minute or so. Now it seems strange that it took me so long 😉


  3. Wow, this one took me a while. A good half hour of staring and finding nothing. I had completely the wrong idea about what sort of “face” I was looking for, so I missed the completely obvious.

  4. I also needed the clue to find it because i was looking for a larger face to appear out of nowhere, kind of like those 3-d pictures

  5. took me a minute – had to focus on the detail rather than the bigger picture. that makes a change on these images 😦

  6. Oh you mean a face, like a wee head keeking out? I spent positively ages trying to see the beans make a face shape. And it’s more bottom left of centre!
    By the way, the “Jesus on the toilet door” in Ikea Glasgow looks like our friend who works there.

  7. Yeh spotted it in about 10 seconds. Doubt that says anything though. Although it does look a bit like me! Does that mean I’m an egotist or something LOL!

  8. definitely not what i was expecting– it took a good 10 minutes to find it. i needed the hint of looking at smaller sections of the image (i was expecting a bigger face)

  9. took a bit under 30 seconds
    tricky though
    cause i was looking for the magic eye effect too
    but it’s true, after i found it wondered how i’d failed to see it right away

  10. Found it in about 30 seconds of systematic searching. Started by going a bit unfocused and looking for it in a pattern of beans, then systematically searched smaller bits till I got to looking at individual beans. Now, is it photoshopped in or is it para-watchamacalit?

  11. Couldn’t find it until I saw the clue…kept trying to see a face comprised of lots of beans 🙂 Once I saw bottom left…about 3 seconds.

  12. found it with help.

    But strangely, with the magic eye thingie I seem to see an old religious guy (with a kaftan and a mustache) looking down and to the left on the right hand side of the picture. Though clearly no one else does so I guess I’m just nutty (or beany).

  13. about 6 min. in spotted it…before I read any clues……….so that says something about me…………………………Like what the heck are you doing?

  14. I’d seen this picture before, & never got it..after I read ALL the comments, & the “one bean” thing, when I scrolled alll the way back up, it was the first thing I saw…and nearly jumped out of my seat!! FREAKY!

    And wow, I can’t believe I never saw it before…what a loser, lol..

  15. I knew I had seen this before (some years ago), yet it took me a minute or two figure it out. Initially, I too was looking for a face made up of beans rather than a face masquerading as a single bean.

  16. Saw nothing in the minutes before reading the clue, but then I got it immediate. And now there is no chance not seeing it, the eyes are focussing the face instantaneously.

  17. Dunno if this only happened to me, but in the first few seconds I looked at it, I saw a big smiley face with several beans, not just one bean, as I read later on, and saw the male face. You can see the smiley face if you tilt your head slightly to the left – it’s on the left side of the pic. Not VERY distinct, but that’s what I saw first.

  18. Creeepy. Hard to find at first, but once you know where it is, you spot it every time. Kelvin Kao’s technique of checking each section of the image worked for me.

  19. I needed a hint from one of the comments above. Then it was a matter of seconds. If I hadn’t read that, I would probably be staring at the picture for hours.

  20. At first, I really struggled I think because I was thinking it was like a magic eye that involved many beans. But after about a minute, I saw it without reading your hint below the fold.

  21. Actually found what I thought was a very small face in the middle first. Then after reading the clue I found the face mentioned shortly after.

  22. There are many of these sort of pictures and I don’t always see what I have to find. But with this one… I saw it right away. O_O Maybe being a coffee-addict helps? 😉

  23. Hahaha good one, I was starring at the coffee like about a minut, trying to make some form of the coffee beans .. and I thought I am stopping but then unexpected .. there he is … a face yo

  24. Awesome! I saw it after about 15 seconds. At first I thought it was one of those weird 3D images that I’ve never been able to see, but then I realised there was quite literally a face hidden among the beans. VERY clever!

  25. Couldn’t see it at all until I read the comments. That probably means I had small people in my coffee this morning without noticing them ::sigh::

  26. I saw it, but it took a couple of seconds. Most people go straight to searching for a pattern in the beans to make up the face, but that gets you nowhere!

  27. This one takes a while, but it’s only one coffee bean that makes up the face. Just don’t look at the center but very near the edge – kinda surprising when you suddenly see it!

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