This comes via the talented magical duo @barryandstuart…..take a look at this…..

So, say whether you are male or female and whether you saw a shoulder or bottom in the center of the picture….


  1. It’s a bottom!

    …. no, wait…. it’s a shoulder… no wait, it’s a bottom!


  2. Male, and immediately saw a bottom. I knew “it couldn’t be” so I kept looking until, with some effort and a few seconds later, I realized it was a shoulder.

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  3. Female, and shoulder. The picture looks very weird – I first thought it was heavily manipulated because it kind of “didn’t match” (probably caused by the girl in the background “growing out” of the other girl).

  4. Male, saw a bottom, still see a bottom even though I know what’s going on. Maybe I simply *choose* to see a bottom.

  5. the first time i saw this photo, i only saw two girls, with one taking a photo, and probably would not have seen anything else except that it was noted there was something ‘strange’ about the photo. it took me several seconds before i saw it.
    now i see the ‘bum’ immediately when i glance at the photo. except that its actually a bit too low to be anatomically correct…

    1. Same here; didn’t notice the bum until I read the caption and now can’t see anything else!

  6. Male, shoulder. Once you see the bottom it’s hard not to see it though.

    I’m still trying to work out if we’re viewing them in a mirror or somebody else has taken a photo of them through a doorway. I guess nobody puts on mascara without looking in a mirror. Scratch that, some people look like they do…

  7. I still refuse to believe it. It’s clearly a one-armed girl on the right, with a tiny accomplice hidden behind the girl on the left providing the extra arm to support the camera.

  8. Male. Shoulder.

    Which I’m happy about as that is what is actually there and my deviant mind couldn’t sway my first impression!

  9. Female. Shoulder…until I saw the word ‘bottom’ underneath. Makes an interesting addition to the classic examples of psychology of visual perception.

    1. wow… and i saw an arse first… ok, i’m thinking that this is telling me something…. i just may be an arse-ist….

  10. Male, neither to start with (just 2 girls with some weird hair growing from nowhere behind one), then looked again for ‘something odd’ without reading the question and spotted the ‘bum’ before I noticed the girl at the back. Only realises it was a shoulder then when I read the question and looked again.

  11. I hadn’t read the text yet so I immediately saw the butt but I couldn’t believe it. So I read the text and realized it was a trick, so I went back to the image to try to make out what was going on. It took a little effort but I did it. Now I can switch back and forth, like with that classic wireframe image of a cube.

    I’m male by the way.

    PS: I think the results would be more accurate if it had been an anonymous poll, like before. Glancing at the comments I get the impression men get a kick in saying they saw a butt first, and the opposite seems to be true for women as well. Anonymity wouldn’t completely eliminate people trying to make a point, but decoupling the object of the study from the reward for publicizing their selection would allow for more objective results, in my opinion.

  12. Male. First I guess a shoulder because it took me a while to figure out what the thing of note in the picture was (I didn’t read the text below the photo), then I saw the bottom, but almost straight away could see that it wasn’t really.

  13. I didn’t even know what I was supposed to be looking at. Then I read your question and then I realized that the thing I saw as a shoulder was at issue. Of course then I could see it as either, but I definitely saw it as a shoulder first.

    I am genetically male, but identify as neutrois and am essentially asexual in orientation, for whatever it’s worth.

  14. well because i follow you on twitter i knew straight away it was a bum! seeing as when you posted it the title was “optical illusion of a bum” so straight away i was looking for a bum!

    im a girl, and dont know what id have seen if i werent pre-warned ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh, I see, it doesn’t make sense to use an actual mirror if you’re trying to get the models to pose correctly for the illusion.

  15. Male, Italian.

    Bottom, but after one or two seconds it seemed strange and said “it is not possibile”. Then I looked to the text ๐Ÿ™‚ and relaized that it was a shoulder. but I still continue to see a bottom.


  16. Female. Bottom. Thought ‘that’s a bit weird’. Didn’t see the shoulder until I read the description and looked for it.

  17. I think it just depends where you start looking. I started looking at the makeup girl, then the camera girl, and then the background. So I saw the shoulder first.

    If I deliberately look at the background girl first then I see her bum.

  18. suppose it was the bum, as it looked like the woman at the back has 3 legs!

    does depend where you start looking, started with the back girl’s hair then moved down.


  19. I saw a bottom, then read the description and could see the shoulder but still prefer to see the bottom ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m a guy btw

  20. Male
    at first I saw a bottom then I reconised a shoulder and now I cannot get the bum back. How do I get the bum back I want to see the bum ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  21. male – shoulder

    But I was distracted by the camera. As someone else said it is not clear whether the image we see has been taken by that camera or by someone else to the side.

    Can we have a poll within a poll? (I’m sure RW would like the idea of nested polls). ๐Ÿ™‚

    just say yes (it was that camera) or no (it was someone else or it has been doctored in photoshop).

  22. Male, shoulder. Saw two people, and something in the background. So didn’t pick up the context for the bum at first. Now, I keep seeing the bum, though it *has* to be a shoulder …

  23. A botton o.O

    I just saw the Shoulder!
    After read “… you saw a shoulder or bottom…” than i reconize that was a shoulder… but still so easy to see the botton ;P

  24. I’m a woman. I saw the arm first, but then after looking closely for about 30 seconds for anything unusual, I saw the bottom.

  25. Male — but I found this picture so visually “busy” it took me study to even understand what you were asking about (I noticed the hair and “wings” of the top portion much more prominently.)

  26. Male. Tried to work out what was going on with the ladder/lower bunk/third bed in front of the lower bunk. Then read the caption, and could see both.

  27. Male. Didn’t see either until I saw the question, and then saw shoulder first; saw bottom after using my imagination. Was busy trying to figure out what was where in the mirror.

  28. Male — First a bum…then after closer scrutiny I saw the shoulder/Arm…then it was hard to see the bum…then sliding down here and back up I see the Bum first and have to focus to see the shouler/Arm again.

  29. Bottom – and I stick to that (But than I am well aware of having a dirty mind) – oh yes and I’m male of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. I’m male, and I saw a bottom at first glance, but it quickly reverted to a shoulder, maybe because you’ve got me used to looking at these things.

  31. Female.

    I saw the picture before reading the instruction – and I’d assumed it was a shoulder in the middle. But once I read the instructions and looked again, it looked like a bottom. Now I can see both very easily.

  32. I’m male. I see a bottom. Yes, a bottom. I know it’s a shoulder…but i still see a bottom. If there was no shoulder, I would still see a bottom. I’ve now closed my eyes, and gone into a darkened room….yep, it’s still there!
    Did I mention I see a bottom?

  33. I saw two girls taking a picture at the mirror until I was told to figure out whether there was a shoulder or a bottom…which when I saw…I saw bottom. M

  34. Female – saw a butt first. I actually had to check 3 times before I realized it was an armpit.
    MY roommates and I were pretty laid back about a lot of things when we lived together…

  35. Male, Bottom. I opened the article at work and instantly went into panic mode and closed it. Brought it back up just now on my lunch break at home and only after reading that it could be a shoulder did I kinda see it.

  36. Male. Bottom. That is, a female bottom, but I am male. I mean, my bottom is a male bottom, but the bottom that isn’t in the picture is not a female bottom.

  37. I saw a shoulder at first. Then thought, “Hey, look! A butt!”. But, oh wait, it’s a shoulder/armpit . . .

  38. A shoulder, the bottom I can see too, when I check. was first checking for a huge bottom .. I did not see it rightaway after having seen the shoulder .. Must have been quite some work to get it like this Or maybe not. Or simply a coincedence.

    I’m .. erm .. female .. I think. I’m sure. Sort of. Is it body male/female you aim at? Then it is female. Sort of.
    Yes, female. That’s what this superb bod is called on planet earth Who is in it .. that’s the question.

  39. Male – thought it was one of those dumb ghost pictures first, didn’t notice anything odd about it. Then saw the question, saw elbow first, after a few seconds saw the bum.

  40. I’m female and I saw a bum, but I knew it COULDN’T be a bum, so I looked for a while and finally saw the shoulder.

  41. male, shoulder. I still struggle to see the bum, mainly because that would mean there’s a gap in the camera girl’s arm? Also it’s not symmetrical enough to be a bum.

  42. Female — For once I didn’t see the “dirty” thing first. I saw a shoulder. I actually had to look at it for a minute to see a bum. Now it’s pretty clear, though.

  43. Yes, how do you explain the ghost doing
    her make up in the mirror. We know
    she’s a ghost, because eye make up
    has been obsolete since the late
    20th century while this is obviously a
    digital camera post 2005.

  44. Female
    i saw two people and the camera (so i guess the shoulder)
    I had to read the text to see the shoulder or the bum
    Most people wouldn’t focus on looking at that pat of the picture
    The two girls (and the camera) stand out significantly more

  45. Male. I jumped right to bottom, but knew something wasn’t quite right. It took quite a bit of looking to see it as a shoulder.

  46. Male. I stared at this for several minutes wondering what you were talking about, then suddenly saw a bottom (before that it was a shoulder).

  47. my 10 year old son saw the shoulder then nearly wet himself giggling when he noticed it could be a bum…..yip, he’s still in knots!

  48. Without reading the title I appeared to have an brief hallucination of something and felt aroused.

    Looking at the picture from left to right.

    SHOULDER, until you told me now I don’t know.


    wait, is it doubletook? no, that sounds weird…


  50. Male. Shoulder.

    I couldn’t even see anything that could have been anything else, until the bottom was mention, and even then, it only sorta kinda looks like one, but I know it’s a shoulder.

  51. Female. At first I didn’t see either (I was looking for some sort of trick between the reflection and what you see in the room). Then I saw a bottom. Later a shoulder.

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