Good to see everyone debating the ‘angel’ photo yesterday – would be great if someone could find another picture from that location!

Anyway, on with today’s offering. Take a look at the picture below, what do you see?


If you just saw a beach scene, then give yourself a ‘zero’ on the dirty mind scale. If your saw sexually-related images, then count how many you noticed and give yourself that mark. How did you score? Feel free to point out what you have seen to others!


  1. Initially i just saw the beach picture.

    Upon further looking… yeah i did see some “dirty” pictures.. 4 of them to be exact…

    guess i scored 4 for dirty mind…

  2. I’m seeing 6 scenes: spanking, doggy style, doggy with a parasol, handjob, eating out and fisting. Did I miss any? Also, who can give me directions to that particular beach? 😉

  3. I didn’t see anything sexual in the picture at all, until it was pointed out and then I thought I spotted one or two.

    I think I need to get out more 😉

    1. I didn’t see any either until I looked at the comments. I was like what? How is this dirty, it’s just a crowded beach? And then I read the comments and I was like, “Wow, people are so perverted!” So don’t worry, you’re one of the “pure” ones! (:

  4. I think this particular study is “skewed”. You titled the blog entry, “Have you got a dirty mind?” So OF COURSE, when I started looking at the image, I started spotting “dirty” things.

    If the entry had been titled, “What do you see?” or something similarly innocuous, I doubt I would’ve spotted so many things immediately. But we’ll never know, now.

    1. Dr Wiseman: 😀

      p: Granted, some people (like one of my good friends) WILL see sexual innuendo without hesitation, even in the most innocent of places. But I still maintain that the old title set up an expectation that might skew the results.

  5. ButMadNNW, You are right, of course but I wonder if sex isn’t so much in our minds all the time that having the significance of this picture foreshadowed doesn’t make less of a difference than if we were shown a picture with hidden butterflies under the heading “How good a lepidopterist are you?”, for example.

    1. Konrad, while I see your point, might I also point out that you’re painting everyone with the same brush. You’re assuming that everyone reading this would know what “lepidopterist” means. 😉

      Back to the point: I’m 30 years old, but as of 3 or so years ago, I had a relatively “clean” mind for my age – when I was in college, for example, I often had to have jokes explained to me that had set the rest of the room rolling. Experience and rearing DO play a role.

      In the last 3 years, some good friends of mine have (with my consent and not – just by being them) trained me in the ways of innuendo. 😉 I’m still not on their level, nor do I really want to be.

      But the point remains that the old title, I believe, had set up an expectation – or even suggestion – of what I should see looking at the photo. Unfortunately, I can’t test this hypothesis on myself.

  6. 5 definitely… one or two others might be a stretch. 4 jumped out at me in the second or so before I read what this was about.

  7. I see 8 in total…
    1. Spanking
    2. Erection on guy in light blue shorts with paddle
    3. Eating out
    4. Boob Shot
    5. Sex/orgasm standing up
    6. Fisting
    7. Towel whipping
    8. Hand job/Menage a trios

  8. The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was “this is a beach scene, but it’s obviously very posed and contrived, and the colors are oversaturated”. Then I looked for an optical illusion of some kind, and then realized that all the posing was sort of pseudo-sexual. Then I counted 5 sort-of-sexual poses, and wondered what the remaining people were supposed to be suggesting, because it’s hard to believe that the person who made this image wouldn’t have placed every single element in that context.

    1. exactly the same here. When trying to find something unusual in the picture, I first noticed all those women bending down – from there it suddenly became obvious.

  9. Just saw a beach scene at first; then noticed that the bat was suggestively positioned – but thought it was just coincidence. It wasn’t until I read the text and started looking for the “sexually-related” images that I observed 5.

  10. Just a followup with detail for those who aren’t as dirty minded:

    1) Paddling right foreground. 2) Cunnilingus left foreground. 3) Fisting directly in front of the two lying in the foreground. 4) Standing doggy far left. 5) Umbrella/parasol doggy in the middle right on the water. 6) Handjob visible between the girl getting paddled and the girl receiving the umbrella.

    7) And, of course, the girl lying down in the foreground just makes me horny even though she’d not doing anything. ;P

    *8) And to risk people thinking I might be gay… the guy trying to catch the frisby on the left looks like he’s got a bit of a trouser tent going on but that could just be a trick of the light and me trying too hard.

  11. Man 1: There is 99 sexual positions that humans can use.

    Man 2: Last I counted there was 100.

    Man 1: Ok, let’s go list them one by one, Number one: The missionary position, woman on her back and man on top of her.

    Man2: Uh, then there’s 101.

  12. “have you got a dirty mind”
    I dont even read the titles on the photos anymore so as not to have bias when looking. Oh and hell yes I sure do was LOLing at photo before even looking at title.

  13. I only saw one, the guy with the paddle in the foreground, but then when I actually read the post, I saw all the ones described in the previous comments.

  14. I got to this after the title had been changed, and saw a beach scene. As much as I’d like to claim virtue, I think I’m too old to pull that one off succesfully 🙂 When I looked for them, I saw them all.

  15. I spotted the paddle straight away and laughed. Why should anyone feel ashamed to spot the mini scenes? It’s the photographer with the dirty mind… hahaha! This photo is hilarious; I love “unfortunate and misleading” set-ups like this. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

  16. Maybe if you have to rely on age-old abuse and objectification of women to entertain your readers, you aren’t so clever.

    I mean really, fisting? Thanks for the slap in the face.

    1. I was wondering how long it was going to take before Richard would be attacked again… Has there ever been a blog post for which the poor man didn’t get any criticism?

    2. (Geesh, and *I’m* used to feeling like the prude in a group.) Hey, I’m female and find the image somewhat amusing. All parties look like they’re enjoying themselves, not being “abused” or “objectified”.

    3. @Julia – Actually, poor, poor Richard is the one doing the attacking here. I am merely pointing it out.

      @John – right, because I am being immature by wanting women to be presented as more than passive fuck-objects for men’s enjoyment in media. And it’s totally not immature to post a photo like this! No, not something a teenage boy would do AT ALL.

      @Paul – the minute men are subjected to the same REAL LIFE level of abuse due to their status as objects, is the minute you will have an argument.

      @ButMadNNW – a vagina is does not give you a free pass. If you think this photo is hilarious, you are still a misogynist. If male approval is more important to you than woman’s human rights, well, enjoy your Stockholm Syndrome. Keep in mind, you reify all women’s oppression when you cheer for your own.

      Do any of you think a picture of a black man in chains would have been acceptable? If not, than you have no business defending a picture that reinforces women as a passive, torture-enjoying, beauty-compliant sex class.

  17. Well, I win the prize, Richard, because no one else spotted the FLYING SAUCER in the upper left, which some UFO denier/cynic/skeptic has tried to mask as a Frisbee by photoshopping a leaping youth just below.

  18. I didn’t see any ‘dirty’ activity. But I did see 7 suggestions to have a good time and have fun. It may be messy and wet but not dirty unless you do them on the beach in which case it will hurt as sand gets into everything!!!!

  19. 5. I totally missed the hand job because I couldn’t see there was another guy lying down there… he’s very small!!

    And I didn’t count the woman lying down in the foreground as it didn’t seem dirty enough.

  20. LOL, I immediately spotted the 2 UFO’s (disk on the left and round one on the right), and thought there would come some photoshopped version later with the unimportant people taken out and this would all be about how we think things are UFO’s with context taken out.

    I was clearly in the wrong mindset for this image.

    Too early in the morning I guess: ROFL.


  21. John:

    “Grow up and enjoy yourself.”

    How about, you get fisted first.

    Newsflash for all you anatomy-impaired d00ds: there’s a bone in the way, genius. If you manage to pull off fisting, that just means you can’t tell the difference between an expression of orgasm and an expression of fracture. Whatta stud.

    1. Exactly Miss Andrist.

      John (snigger) would be singing a different tune if someone were shoving a beach umbrella up an orifice of his.

      Why can’t people get that scenes of brutality against women, even ones based on innuendo, are fucking wrong?

  22. I knew it would be one of these.
    Too much like some teenage lad’s (pre-Photoshop era) DIY porno effort; scissors, glue, holiday brochure. And a sticky mess.

  23. What disgusting homospapien amuses himself with not funny objectifying fake photos of porned- up women and posts them on the internet? Oh this jackass Dick the UnWise Man.

  24. Wow, Mr.Wiseman has his critics today! I’m not saying anything about the arguement, all i’m saying was that I saw a beach first.

  25. What a classic male-to-female command is “Grow up and enjoy yourself”.
    What that actually means is “Dumb yourself down to the level of a horny frat-boy and learn to feign enjoyment at depictions of women being violated.”

  26. Please Julia, you are just embarrassing yourself with your suck-upery. No man is going to reach through the intertubes and give you a pat on the head.

    How are these comments man-hating? ‘Imagine yourself in the abusive situations you love to see women in’ is man-hating? ‘Perhaps you should question why the mainstreaming of porn and people referring to damaging objects being shoved up women’s orifices as ‘sex’ so perfectly coincide’ is man-hating?

    If questioning the attitudes behind these things is ‘hatred’, what is the word for what the men who do these things to women (or get off on it) feel towards them? Apparently whatever it is, it makes ‘hatred’ pale in comparison.

    1. I don’t want this to turn into a drawn-out debate about something entirely off-topic, but I would like to make the point that I find your and your friends’ comments a lot more offensive than anything suggested in the photo. In the photo, nobody is being violated, unhappy with what is going or even having sex!

      Having read some of iblamethepatriarchy, I realise that any points I do make will fall on deaf ears and that it is certainly pointless for Richard to defend himself, since as a man he is automatically an opressor. I do pity you for the terrible experiences you must have had with men in your life to create this warped view.

  27. @ Julia

    But posting a link to IBTP isn’t off-topic?

    I’m not surprised you have no intention of answering my questions. How’s your strategy working out? Got the right to walk down a dark street without fear? Got equal pay yet? Got the right to not be judged by your bra size? No? Didn’t think so.

    I certainly hope you don’t use any of the benefits feminists fought hard to win for you along with women who don’t throw them under the bus. I assume you don’t vote, have a bank account, a job, any money or property of your own, an opinion on who you marry (if anyone), the right to speak in public, etc. Do you think the feminists who fought for any of those rights didn’t have women like you to cope with too?

    Whoops! You’re using at least one right won for you by feminists! Watch out boys!

    1. So you call randomly attacking and alienating men over the internet feminism, do you? Well, thank you so much for your help!

      As it happens, my family have always gone out of their way to REALLY help women. My grandmother founded a home for pregnant young girls who had been left in the lurch by their boyfriends and families and she actually hid women who had suffered abuse from men in her own flat. My aunt spends her spare time helping girls from deprived backgrounds with their education in order to make sure they can get a decent job and a better life. Two other aunts of mine regularly help orphaned girls in Romania. Personally, I am in the fortunate position of running a business together with my partner, in which we treat everyone exactly the same. In fact, we currently employ more women than men.

      So what exactly have you done to actually help women?

  28. I’ve done, and continue to do, plenty of things to help women, Julia. Or do you somehow think that because I call out misogyny on the internet I don’t also do it in real life? Or don’t do any activism in real life? Bit of an assumption there, isn’t it?

    It’s great that your grandmother and aunt have taken action to help women and girls. It says nothing about you though. But then you’ve already told me everything I need to know about your opinion of women who dare to challenge male privilege and the status quo.

    Please explain how I am ‘randomly attacking and alienating’ men. I am responding to an attack here. I am responding to a depiction of women that is alienating, and triggering to survivors of domestic abuse, rape and prostitution/porn.

    1. Completely abusive. Wait…

      Is someone abusing me without my knowledge? Even as a female I’m straining to be remotely offended. Are human bodies that controversial?

  29. @ Rex
    That you concede that misogyny is being portrayed here (but yet isn’t really worth getting all worked up about), is precisely why some of us take it very F-ing seriously and won’t be calming down any time soon, frankly.
    Major consciousness-raising calltime is required if people are going to learn to see the REAL picture.

    1. Misogyny is worth taking seriously, except when there’s no display of misogyny. Remind me why I’m to be offended by the picture.

    2. Read the thread – there’s plenty of explanation. I’m sorry you need it explained to you that shoving umbrellas and fists up women is misogynist.

  30. I was talking about no one will take this picture seriously, who is going to be THAT influenced by a random kinky picture in the internet.

    1. Except it’s not just one random kinky picture in the internet. This shit is everywhere! It adds up, like the straws on the metaphorical camel’s back. The fact that you think this image exists in isolation is the reason that the sexism in this picture had to be pointed out. You wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise, just like you don’t notice the sexism in the countless other images you see every day. And then, when someone brought up the topic of cultural or institutional sexism, you would brush it off and laugh, because you hadn’t noticed it so it *clearly* doesn’t exist. Women and men are treated completely equally in our society, if you cover your ears and hum loudly enough.

  31. I saw four. I saw one right away and wondered what kind of scene this is and then read the text and saw three more.But to be true inone minute I got bored of the picture and my husband just saw one…the bat spanking a butt.

  32. It’s probably worth noting that even without the more obvious scenes, more subtle sexual imagery would remain – I’m sure you’d agree, Dr Wiseman, that even the woman lying down in the bikini will be enough to attract the attentions of some…

  33. i see a tennis ball representing the sun and a frisbie emulating ufo all its justa frisbee and also he aint never gonna catch it …he tryed tho also i belive alot of the obejects fo and back ground were never there in the first place just aload of pics together as 1 so what and u made it sexual so u must like sexual things what have you proved what have u proved …lol how long did it take you ur never get that time back

  34. Hm, I did not read what Wiseman put in text above the image .. but I especially saw Wiseman’s focus behind this image …. and also .. it has been shot from a low point .. so someone in a chair or a child .. or one of those small people .. or .. erm .. someone on his (probably …) or her knees .. (maybe in dirty action) … claiming that this is all what beach life is about …

    I myself noticed this already in the gym .. it’s not even guy’s self that focus on booties …. or maybe it is, but not the selfes we under normal circumstances interact with.

    So, Wiseman .. what did you learn from this picture and the comments … I take that you need to learn something from it. Did we offer any help? …

  35. Hi @ Valerie,
    Said gentleman is rubbing Sun screen on Inner thigh. Any other explanation be damned, we respect your thoughts & request Richard to post pictures of Missionaries for all other optical illusions.

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