400px-Susan_blackmoreIn this episode I chat with psychologist, skeptic and author Sue Blackmore, who was at the Edinbrugh Book Festival to talk about her new book Ten Zen Questions.

The two of us chatted about parapsychology, her new theory about the evolution of technology and how to meditate in 20 seconds.

Download here.


  1. Another good episode, Richard!

    I was intrigued by the discussion about people who’d had a paranormal experience being propelled into the field of parapsychology. Thought it might be worth mentioning I had an experience that, owing to the unique circumstances, elicited the opposite response – I began delving into scepticism.

    The day of the event I had been researching accounts of disembodied voices and noticed that most people experience such ghosly behavior late at night when chances were high they could be mistaking dreams for waking phenomena. I remember making a mental note of this idea and, in particular, telling myself that there was a small chance I could replicate the phenomena by asking my subconscious to haunt myself come bedtime.

    That night as I lay in bed, my subconscious digesting a day’s worth of research into disembodied voices, I heard my first and last “spirit voice”. I knew instantly what had occurred – but was still shaken by the “reality” of the experience.

    Had I not premeditated the event there is practically no chance I would believe such a vivid experience to be a trick of the mind. The memory of it still haunts me to this day.

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