1. Fun to watch!

    I do have to say I (and I’m sure others have too) already noticed the cup was behind you instead of on the table. When you stood up your elbow covered a part of the cup.

  2. This same trick was used in an early Hitchcock film with glasses but it was difficult to see that over size glasses had been used. Does anyone know which film?

  3. I saw the ending coming (because I know how tricky you are).

    And yes, your arm did move in front of the cup very briefly.

  4. Haaa! I knew there was a use for those giant teacups I saw in BHS.

    I have to say though I couldn’t focus for the first twenty seconds because of the wallpaper.

  5. i dont understand. is it a big cup of tea or did he nagic into increas of size like an amazing trick of illusion or is nothing of it all real

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