Episode 1: The Pete Firman Interview


podcastWelcome to my new podcast, ‘Afternoon Tea with Richard Wiseman’. During the Edinburgh Festival I will invite some of my favourite magicians, skeptics, psychologists and comedians to join me for afternoon tea. Over a plentiful supply of cakes, pastries and sandwiches we will chat about this and that, and occasionally the other. I hope that you will feel moved to put on the kettle, relax and join us.

PeteFirmanFirst up is top comedy magician Pete Firman. Pete has appeared in loads of TV shows (including Monkey Magic and Dirty Tricks), has a great live act and is a very funny man.

Over afternoon tea we chatted about comedy, Penn & Teller, and why he loves the ‘vanishing bandana’ trick.

If you are coming to Edinburgh, you can catch Pete’s show at the Cow Barn throughout August.

I hope you enjoy the first of many Afternoon Tea podcasts!

Download here.

And here is Pete in action on Saturday Live….



15 comments on “Episode 1: The Pete Firman Interview

  1. Alex says:

    Your new podcast is a great idea, however: I cannot find the RSS feed for the podcast?



  2. Jo says:

    Loved it. Very funny. Very informal.

  3. Anders Elfgren says:

    Cool, will listen to it now 🙂
    A good idea might be to name the mp3 file better though to make it easier to find. E.g. “RW_Afternoon_Tea_PeteFirman.mp3”, or something like that. Just a suggestion. 🙂

    • Richard Wiseman says:

      thanks – will do

    • Michael K Gray says:

      And perhaps consider putting at least the date in the file name so that they may be sorted correctly.

      (Then the ‘Pete Firman’ bit can be placed in the mp3 tags embedded in the file)

  4. Bob says:

    Really enjoyable.

    How about 2 bananas walk into a bar and the barman says sorry we don’t serve food here! Not original but fits the brief.

  5. Lou says:

    Really enjoyed that Richard..shall look forward to the next one

    2 Apples walk into a bar..Core! you don’t see that everyday…

  6. Zyaama says:

    Any chance we will see that on iTunes?

  7. Stuart Dedrick says:

    Thanks for the RSS feed! BTW, can you tell me what an “Epidode” is, and whether you need a first class return to Dottingham to use one?

    (If that’s just me, it was the old “Tunes” add).

  8. Scott says:

    Another vote for iTunes (that is after you get up to five)…

  9. I’m going to listen to it later; right now I’m just going to comment on the name.

    Sometime last year I attended a four-day adult education course on “Illustrating Children’s Picture Books”. As an exercise to help us think laterally about interpreting a description of a scene, we were asked to draw a picture on the theme “Afternoon Tea With Auntie”, and to include some sort of unexpected twist.

    My idea was to draw (hah! “try to draw”) the scene from outside the window looking in, and to show leaning against the outside wall Aunties broomstick and a book entitled “How To Cook Food That Turns Children Into Frogs“.

    Nobody thought that “Afternoon Tea With Auntie” could be the name of a podcast. But what would you have drawn?

  10. TaraghB says:

    this was great too

  11. Jerad says:

    So… did he get the banana bandanna trick and do it? and did you get it on film if he did?

  12. Martinus says:

    I’ve finally caught up with this podcast – had it sitting on my mp3 player for far too long. So:

    Two bananas walk into a pub on Dartmoor. Instantly everybody stops talking and stares at them. The bananas get their daiquiris and find a table. Gradually the regulars resume their usual activities, though still keeping an eye on the strange bananas.

    The doors open again and two apples walk in. Everybody makes them welcome, has a laugh, points out the strange bananas sitting in a corner.

    Of course the apples were insiders.

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