Let’s test astrology!


VCEP2HEA1astrology-palmistryGood morning.  Looks like a busy few days ahead.  I am speaking in Edinburgh on Thursday, Dublin on Friday and Leicester on Tuesday.  If you are around, please come and say hello.

So, I thought it might be fun to test astrology.  I have just been to a very popular astrology site and looked up the horoscope of a particular star sign for yesterday (14th July).  Here it is….

“Your heart may be fully engaged in something sweet and romantic, but you know you’ve got more going on than that. It’s a good day for you to check in with your people all over the map.”

So, think about yesterday and then…

1) Rate how accurate it was between 1 (not at all accurate) and 10 (very accurate)


2) State your star sign. To help out, here is the list




APRIL 21 – MAY 21


MAY 22 – JUNE 21


JUNE 22 – JULY 23


JULY 24 – AUG 23


AUG 24 – SEPT 23


SEPT 24 – OCT 23


OCT 24 – NOV 22


NOV 23 – DEC 22


DEC 23 – JAN 20


JAN 21 – FEB 19


FEB 20 – MAR 20

If astrology is true, then those with the ‘right’ star sign should give higher ratings than others.  But will that be the case?


349 comments on “Let’s test astrology!

  1. Clementine says:

    6 – Capricorn

  2. Bob says:

    7 – Capricorn

  3. JD says:

    4 – Cancer

  4. hp88 says:

    5 Gemini

  5. Davey says:

    6 – Virgo

  6. James M. says:

    0 – Libra

  7. Davide says:

    3 – Aquarius

  8. Kevin says:

    2 Aquarius

  9. Linda says:

    Rating = 1. I’m a Sagittarius.

  10. Rod says:

    2 – Scorpio

  11. foolfodder says:

    2 – Gemini

  12. Bryan says:

    2 – Scorpio

  13. Gina says:

    1 – Scorpio

  14. Adam says:

    5 – Cancer

  15. Lee says:

    1 – Libra

  16. liz says:

    1 Pisces

  17. Hadriana says:

    10 – Gemini (I did contact people all over the US I have not talked to in a while yesterday.) But star signs? Astrology as I know it does not work like that.

    But, I know if you look at insurance records and driving, some signs are clearly better risks than others. I know Geminis don’t have as many wrecks as many other signs.

  18. Steven says:

    I always tell people I don’t have a star sign but any its Gemini and I give it a score of 1.

  19. otowi says:

    Oh, btw, should we also consider that the actual position of the sun is not necessarily in the constellation of our “birth sign”? The dates are for ancient history when this stuff was made up, but over time, things have changed and Earth isn’t “in” those signs on exactly those dates anymore. And really there should be a 13th Zodiac sign, as well – Ophiuchus should be the sign for anyone born between Nov. 30 and Dec. 17. And although I’m a Libra, I’m really a Virgo!
    (Let’s not even consider that the boundaries between one constellation and the other are just “decided”, there is no real basis for putting the boundary one place over another).


  20. Kasandra says:

    7 Aries

  21. Richard Fieldsend says:

    2 – Pisces

  22. Richard says:

    1 – Capricorn

  23. azuremoak says:

    1 – Aquarius

  24. Karen says:

    1…….woefully inaccurate.

  25. Kelsey says:

    1- Saggitarius

  26. Jackybird says:

    1 – Sagitarius

  27. Jan says:

    2 – sagitarius

  28. Jeff says:

    6 – Taurus

  29. Steve Clark says:

    2 Virgo

  30. Mchl says:

    1 – Pisces

  31. Foygl says:

    3 – Leo

  32. exp_err says:

    5 – scorpio

  33. Rob J says:

    1 – Aries
    (I had dental work yesterday, was not keen to speak to anyone, and certainly not sweet and romantic)

  34. Alyssa says:

    2 – Sagittarius

  35. Marcel says:

    1 – Taurus

  36. Maewyn says:

    3 Scorpio

  37. Lafayette says:

    Oughtn’t we post whether or not we believe in astrology, too?

  38. John_T says:

    1 – Scorpipo

    This thread would make a nice starting point for someone looking to build up their identify theft portfolio…. Just sayin’.

  39. Kevin says:

    0 – 19 Feb

  40. imeaj says:

    1 – Sagittarius

  41. Nick Sharratt says:

    1 Scorpio

  42. Travis says:

    8 – Cancer.

    (My birthday is July 23, and I always thought I was a Leo on the cusp of Cancer, but according to your chart, I’m a Cancer on the cusp of Leo. Calculate it whichever way you wish.)

    • Mona says:

      2 – Cancer

      Travis we have the same birthday.. and I always thought I was a Leo on the cusp of Cancer too!

  43. Daryl says:

    2 – Gemini

  44. Michel says:

    7 – Sagittarius

  45. Marcus says:

    2 – Virgo

  46. Steven says:

    3- Aquarius

  47. Kevin says:

    7 – Virgo

    How do you collaborate data with these experiments here and on twitter? are they manually entered by hand?

  48. Richard says:

    0 – Gemini

  49. Eulalumel says:

    0 – Pisces

  50. nyd says:

    Are negative intergers allowed?
    This was a 1 no, make that a 0 for me.

  51. Emma says:

    1- Sagittarius

  52. nyd says:

    Oops… Scorpio

  53. krysjez says:

    1 – Sagittarius

    What happened to Ophiuchus?

  54. Kevin Lewis says:

    3.5 – LIBRA

  55. Tom Maydon says:

    So far Gemini, Aries and Cancer leading the field…with Libra, Sagitarius and Pisces bringing up the rear…only 46 respondants though. Probably need at least 300 more to make it a meaningful measure.

    Yes it is simplistic and many astrologers reject tabloid astrology. But still it will be interesting to see what the result is

    • anna says:

      It wont be interesting atall, its destined to fail, which I suspect is Richards intention,its like saying ,what word are you ,if you don’t have the ,alphabet or language ,you cant possibly understand. Which Very Popular Astrology Site, are you referring to?,how do you know whats quality and whats not ,if you don’t have any subtle in sight.
      Learn proper astrology, for at least 7 years ,then you might have an inkling.

  56. babs says:

    8 – virgo

  57. Susan says:


    I am a Taurus

  58. emily says:

    10 – aquarius

  59. Lesley says:

    0 – Pisces

  60. Blake says:

    6 – Libra

  61. Pseudonym says:

    4 – Leo

  62. Google says:

    10 – Libra

  63. Rob says:

    A classic rainbow rouse opener, followed by a statement so vague it could meant anything!
    And still it doesnt come close!

  64. Gerg Murkey says:

    8 – cancer (Have fun with MS excel)

  65. MattB says:

    1 – Sagittarius

  66. Femke Hulsbergen says:

    0- aquarius

  67. Paul says:

    0 – Gemini

  68. Steve says:

    8 – Cancer

    (I’m getting married in a couple of weeks and I need to contact a few people about the wedding plans, so the statement could be construed as accurate for me, I guess. But I’m sure there’s a twist…)

  69. madge says:

    1 – Taurus

  70. Joreth says:

    9 – Capricorn

    It’s particularly entertaining when you realize that I’m polyamorous, have 2 long-term romantic relationships and am just starting 2 new ones, and one of my long-term sweeties has recently moved 3000 miles away. Yesterday I went to the movies with my local boyfriend (who has been very sweet and romantic lately) and my new potential partner (who lives 2 hours away) and his wife. I also had a phone conversation with my other sweetie (the one who moved across the country) yesterday.

    I’m highly amused.

  71. Marktech says:

    ““Your heart may be fully engaged in something sweet and romantic” – what else should a “heart” be doing, if you define “heart” as the seat of the romantic emotions?

    “but you know you’ve got more going on than that” – who doesn’t?

    “It’s a good day for you to check in with your people all over the map.” – almost *every* day could be a good day for that; but as it happens I was working from 8 in the morning to 10.30 at night.

    Depending on how you interpret it, either quite inaccurate or accurate in a general way but nearly meaningless.

    1 – Gemini.

  72. Mike says:

    2 – pisces

  73. Kim says:

    2 – Gemini

  74. Wilco says:

    1 – Virgo

  75. Jane says:

    1 although it should really be 0 and I’m a Leo

  76. Patrick says:

    1 – Libra

  77. Rachael says:

    Scorpio – 8

  78. Hilary says:

    1 – Taurus

  79. Gert says:

    1 – Aries

  80. John says:

    2 Sagittarius

  81. Katharina says:

    1 – pices

  82. Katharina says:

    1 – pisces

  83. Sander says:

    1 – Virgo.

  84. ButMadNNW says:

    “Your heart may be fully engaged in something sweet and romantic”–I’ve no one with whom to *be* romantic, so nil points there.

    “but you know you’ve got more going on than that.”–As someone else said, who doesn’t?

    “It’s a good day for you to check in with your people all over the map.”–Always a good day for that. I like my people.

    Nice and generally applicable, as always. I give it a 1. I’m an Aquarius/Capricorn cusp.

  85. w_nightshde says:

    2 – Virgo

  86. J says:

    1 – Leo

  87. Jarak says:

    TAURUS – 0 (OK 1 if I have to)

    I’m another moon child, so I may be ARIES depending on the year, location, time and altitude of my birth.

  88. Ettienne says:

    2 – cancer

  89. leena says:

    1- Gemini

  90. Adrian says:

    2, Virgo

  91. siajam says:

    5 – neither very accurate nor very inaccurate. Capricorn/Aquarius cusp

  92. Johanna says:

    1 – Aquarius

  93. gentreau says:

    1 – Gemini

  94. Richard Eis says:

    1 – Aquarius

  95. Ana says:

    4 – Virgo

  96. richardn says:

    1 – Pisces

  97. Tom Maydon says:

    107 entries up til 9:39.
    Cancer 5.1 average, Capricorn 4.6 are the front runners.
    Pisces 1.3, Sagitarius 1.7 are the back markers.

    Sceptical bunch!
    I’ve converted 0s to 1s (as the scale is 1-10).

  98. Daffydil says:

    10 – Libra

    Your heart may be fully engaged in something sweet and romantic – yes, am happily loved up, so this is true pretty much all the time.

    but you know you’ve got more going on than that – well yes – woman can’t live on love alone, obviously there is more in my life.

    It’s a good day for you to check in with your people all over the map. – as is every day, particularly when you live in a different country to most of your friends.

  99. jazzwerewolf says:

    1 – Capricorn

  100. Pendrift says:

    2 – Capricorn

  101. Helen O'Brien says:

    1 – Taurus

  102. Lindamp says:

    1 – Aries
    I claim not to believe in this sort of stuff but, having said that, I did find myself talking about it yesterday, positing the theory that “if you believe in this sort of thing” then the reason I don’t get on with a colleague is that we share a birthday and are both antagonistic Arians. Do I need help? 😉

  103. Alan Thomas says:

    Rating – 4
    Starsign – Leo

  104. karencooke says:

    1 Libra

  105. Berber Anna says:

    1- Aquarius

  106. A generous score of 2.

    I’m supposedly Aries.

  107. texturbation says:


  108. Shaun says:

    1 – Aries

  109. Fergus Gallagher says:

    1 Taurus

  110. ox says:

    7 Sagittarius

  111. Frank says:

    1 – Gemini

  112. The Goldfish says:

    6 – Capricorn

    but as others have said, I probably have a few days of every week which could be made to fit as well.

  113. Gerry says:

    1 – Aries

  114. K says:

    1 – Aries

  115. Eric says:

    5 – Aries

    But…. I would expect the accuracy values given by most people posting here to be quite a bit lower than the, shall we say, average population. Most folks who read your blog are likely to be well aware of these sorts of generalizations, and thus rate this particular statement quite a bit lower. My extremely cursory overview of the responses would appear to bear this out.

    A bell curve of these answers would show a *huge* shift to the left, even if we count the many 0s as 1s.

  116. Ellen says:

    9 – Aries

  117. V says:

    2 – Gemini

  118. The Organism says:

    4- Pisces

  119. Tom Maydon says:

    After 128 entries, here are the average points per sign:

    Cancer 5.1
    Capricorn 4.2
    Libra 3.6
    Virgo 3.1
    Aries 2.9
    Leo 2.8
    Gemini 2.8
    Aquarius 2.3
    Sagitarius 2.1
    Scorpio 2.0
    Taurus 1.6
    Pisces 1.3

  120. Matt says:

    1 Libra

  121. Drew says:

    Of course that won’t be the case. Sun-signs are nonsense, and the people who write them do astrology no favours. Take it from an astrologer – there is no such thing as ‘a Leo’ or ‘an Aries’.

    The very system on which sun-sign horoscopes are based is flawed. So this test really can’t work, though I’m quite sure that that’s what Richard had in mind.

    You can’t disprove astrology by testing sun-signs. And you definitely can’t prove it this way.

    • Matt says:

      I’ll admit – I thought sun sign astrology was the full extent of astrology. I did not realise the distinction between sun sign and horoscopic (am I right that you are in favour of horoscopic astrology?)

      For full satisfaction though, I’d like to see Richard arrange a test for horoscopic astrology.

      In any case, this is some light hearted entertainment to make fun of newspaper astrology. Either way the result will say nothing anyway, this is just one, uncontrolled fun-trial on a blog, nothing scientific.

    • Anonymous says:

      1 – Capricorn

      By the way, full tests of ‘proper’ astrology have been done several times, and the results were consistently negative. There’s simply no link between the planets and our lives. How surprising…

    • Drew says:

      Full tests of proper astrology, eh? I’d be interested to see the results, but I notice you didn’t name any. Were these tests carried out by James Randi?

    • uksceptic says:

      Drew there have been plenty of controlled studies into ‘proper’ astrology and as anonymous said they have been consistently negative. You cannot make the accusation that astrologers have not been given a chance by mainstream scientists.

      Here are three such studies, none of which were conducted by James Randi seeing as you have a problem with him.

      A great study was conducted by a researcher at the University of California named Shawn Carlson. A decent review of this study is worth reading here:


      Or you could read the full article in Nature here:


      Here’s another study in which “participants were unable
      to identify their own astrological charts at a greater-than-chance level.”


      Here’s another one, which states “this test leaves no doubt that astrology does not have any predictive power as far as academic ability is concerned.”


      I have named three studies, do you have any controlled studies of astrology that you could point to as evidence to support your claims?

    • Eric says:

      Well, you say sun signs are nonsense, but other astrologers would claim that it is *your* form of astrology is bunk, and only *their* form is *proper* astrology. How many thousands of astrology books out there, all purporting to teach you the right way to read charts?

      Which ought to be a pretty good clue that it’s all nonsense. If astrology could actually do anything, by now it’d be a science, and there wouldn’t be any question of what the right way to do it is.

      As to what studies are out there? Well, here’s two:

      No doubt you will dismiss them as not being tests of “proper” astrology. But when you do, give at least a cursory thought to the preceding two paragraphs.

      Anyway, even if there was only one true form of astrology, you’re correct that what we’re doing on this blog would hardly constitute disproof… but that’s okay, because there’s no need to “disprove” anything. It’s your job as an astrologer to prove it. So far, nobody’s been able to in several thousand years. But no doubt you’re just the person to overcome that.

    • Matt says:

      Drew, when you mention Randi, what are you insinuating?

    • Drew says:

      I wasn’t insinuating, Matt, simply asking if these ‘full tests’ were the ones performed by Randi, and recently used by Penn and Teller. If these are the ones anon. is referring to, they were hardly fair tests.

      To answer your previous question – I am an astrologer, but I do not believe in sun-signs, or, indeed, tabloid horoscopes. I’ve actually debunked sun signs on my own site. It’s very easy to do, but one has to look into the ridiculous method, rather than set up a test such as this.

      (To leave you with a tip – Western astrology is based on seasons, not constellations – so you weren’t ‘born under’ any sign. And your sun sign says absolutely nothing about your personality. Calling somebody an Aries is like calling somebody a March/April.)

      Best wishes,

    • Anonymous says:

      See http://www.astrology-and-science.com/ for reports of many tests (none of them by Randi, if that is a problem for you).

    • Anonymous says:

      drew ,your trying to explain deep perceptions ,to those who have no idea about them,consequently in their low grade understanding ,they are going to try to geer and sneer at you and all astrologers ,thats the mad reaction, of all those who feel threatened ,by things they dont understand,,the low grade intelligence says ,were the good ones,theyre the bad ones ,lets get the enemy, however, the enemy is always within. ,ie satirn, the shadow, they dont even begin to look, let alone see. vampires dont have a shadow.a real strong man would never attack others ,it takes more balls to admit a mistake ,than to project your shadow onto others ,in a cowardly mannor. and persecute decent beings,thats the problem with the mad idiots decapitating others in the name of a lovin g-d. .the source is love and compassion ,and would see all aspects ,but to curry facvour with a higher cosciousness ,in the form of violense, is psycoathic malevolence, ,enjoying hurting, there is never any justification for that…their are cosequencies to be paid ,in past present and future lives. the quantum field says we can exist in more places than one, at the same time,and more times ,than one,in the same place. the hollow gram, of material existance ,is just one electromagnetic perception of so called,” REALITY”.. we are all equal,but all completetely different.when you see ,the others blue print/programme,then there is deep in-sight.if you dont have the map,then your always driving in to brick walls ,when you could have gone ,right or left and avoided the crash.

  122. Wai says:

    1 – Aquarius

    • Anonymous says:

      richard wiseman,why are you not showing your complete date of birth ,if you dont believe in astrology????

  123. ugu says:

    Gemini – 1

  124. AnNa says:

    3 Sagittarius – how romantic can work be?

  125. ScreamingGreenConure says:

    6 – Pisces
    Are we doing science, guys????

  126. Evadne Cake says:

    2 – Libra

  127. Vern says:

    5 – Leo

  128. Johnnie says:

    2 – Aquarius

  129. Hannahbov says:

    1- Gemini

  130. Kel says:

    9 – Cancer

  131. Faye says:

    1 – Leo

  132. arthwollipot says:

    9 – Sagittarius.

    A remarkably coincidental Forer effect in this case.

  133. If it is scientific scrutiny, or statistical scrutiny, then life script theory of astrology as jyotishratna.com is the answer. theory has been discovered after two decades of empirical research, and each planet has been given a single word attribute. theory does not consider signs at all.

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  134. Per says:

    1 – Sagittarius

  135. Ali says:

    4 – Leo

  136. jimmyjim says:

    1 cancer

  137. Maggie says:

    5 — Aries

  138. Amy says:

    8 TAURUS

  139. Sally says:

    1 – LEO

  140. amandahv37 says:

    1 – Pisces

  141. Nerys says:

    2 – Leo

  142. JohnG says:

    4 – Pisces

  143. Dominic says:

    1 Sagittarius

  144. AnnieJ says:

    1 – Virgo

  145. FriedGold says:

    1 – Virgo

  146. Carlos says:

    7 – capricron

  147. LB says:

    4- Capricorn

  148. Kate says:

    9 – leo

  149. Caroline says:

    1 – Taurus

  150. AJK says:

    4 -Scorpio

  151. Scott says:

    1 – libra

  152. Paul says:

    8 – leo

  153. David says:

    2 and libra

  154. Leafy says:

    1 Virgo.


  155. foo says:

    8 – cancer

  156. DimlyAware says:

    Libra…Virgo on your chart
    Either way, I’m a 1, for yesterday

  157. Angela says:

    2 – Gemini

  158. Garrett says:

    7 – Leo

    And you forgot Ophiucus. Though I doubt you’ll find their prediction in the tabloids.

  159. noellevitz says:

    1 Taurus

  160. Stefani says:

    1 – Aquarius

  161. Helen says:

    4 – Gemini

  162. Gib says:

    5 – Scorpio

  163. highpockets says:

    1 -Aries

  164. Xia-hime says:

    1 – Gemini

  165. Paurian says:

    I’m curious if this type of experiment could also be used for biorhythms. My initial thought is you’d need a decent sampling of people to subjectively rank their own emotional/physical/mental experience each day for two weeks then compare them to their biorhythm.

    Perhaps just as interesting is having someone log this information for 90 days to determine if we have any cycles at all.

  166. maggie says:

    1 – aries

  167. lazyluzy says:

    2 – Libra

  168. Conrad says:

    1- pisces

  169. Barry says:

    2 – Aquarius

  170. Graey says:

    1 – Sagittarius

  171. hcmom says:

    1- Sagittarius

  172. Skepdude says:


  173. Lucinda says:

    1 – Scorpio

  174. Stunt_girl says:

    4 – Capricorn

    I was going to put 2 because I have a boyfriend whom I love, but other than that yesterday wasn’t particularly out of the ordinary romance-wise and nor did I check out on ‘my people’ all over the map.

    However, then I thought about it and realised there is a way that it could be construed that I did check out ‘my people’… I have started a new job and have been meeting new people who are on a map of the office. I suppose that this is how the horoscopes work – they are so vague that you can find links if you look hard enough!

  175. jsc says:

    1 – Taurus

  176. Dave says:

    1 – Virgo

    My fave astrologer “event” was hearing the identical-down-to-the-exclamations-used “prediction” two days in a row for two different star signs (from the same astrologer of course…)

  177. Mike says:

    1 – Leo

  178. Loe says:

    2 – Pisces

  179. Alexander says:

    Oddly enough it was my birth day yesterday. I will give it a 7.

  180. kristineleuze says:

    8- Libra

  181. Lynn says:

    1 – Cancer

  182. Nate says:

    7 – Sagittarius

  183. Kate says:

    Gemini – 1

  184. SteveE says:

    6 – Aries, but then I talk to people all over the map every day!

  185. Madhu says:


  186. Geraldine says:

    2 – Aries.

  187. Fizzle says:

    2 – Gemini

  188. PaulM says:

    1 – Aquarius

  189. 6 – Taurus

    There are 3 claims in the statement. So i figure each one should be worth about 3 points. There’s a distinct lack of romance in my life at the moment so I couldn’t give any points for that. However since i do have “more going on than that” I gave 3 points. As for it being a “good day to check in with people all over your map” I did go to a meet-up group yesterday and had fun there, and saw some family of mine. It didn’t seem like a bad day for checking in with people so i figured it was true enough to get another 3 points. Hence my 6 point score.

  190. Dionysian Friesian says:

    1 – Gemini.

  191. Ed Augusts says:

    This is a woefully unscientific test. In fact, its a joke! The so-called “very popular astrology site” is not even disclosed, and as someone who IS knowledgeable about Astrology, let me assure you, there is NO way that any actual, professional Astrologer would ever make a blanket statement for what is likely to happen, not even a state of mind, for anyone of one particular Sun Sign for one given day. 1/12th of humanity corresponds to any one given Sun Sign and we do not claim life is that simple! Astrology does NOT claim what you are trying to make it LOOK like it claims in this silly proposition of yours, which is exactly the kind of foolish way debunkers, academics & skeptics have wrongheadedly been trying to make Astrology look bad for the past 30 years. Please read-up on your OWN CHART, ALL the factors, NOT not just the Sun Sign! Shame on you! —edaugusts

    • Anonymous says:

      for thosewho know, no explanation is necessary, for those who dont, no explanation will suffice. wiseman dosent even begin to know or study astrology,its an extememely deep subject,if you just skim across the surface ,then it shows deep fear about being proved inadequate.

  192. Beth says:

    1 – Gemini

  193. Robin says:

    2 – libra

  194. Lex says:


    Btw Ed Augusts where can I find info to do my “own chart”, with “all the factors”?

  195. jana says:

    2 – cancer

  196. Liz says:

    7 – Capricorn

  197. sara says:

    1 – Virgo

  198. Arsozah says:

    1 – Taurus

  199. Katy says:

    2 – Aries

  200. Dionysian Friesian says:

    Ed Augusts: Lots of people do believe in the 12 sign astrology and it is always worth debunking that so we can get on with our lives free from the silly behaviour tags that even sillier superstitious people will try to pin on us.

  201. ballookey says:

    1 – Libra

  202. dannyness says:

    Leo- 7

  203. Allison says:

    9 – Gemini (planning a wedding and calling all sorts of people/family in the process… also having to worry about other issues at the same time)

  204. Kelly says:

    3- Cancer

  205. Lisa says:

    1 – Gemini

  206. wanda says:

    2 – virgo

  207. katz says:

    this is, of course, the least accurate form of astrology

    please, if you want to do an experiment like this, take the perspective that astrology is a viable means of describing certain aspects of internal/external relationships, and then work out the likelihood that a particular interpretation of a sun-sign-horoscope designed for mass appeal will correspond to individuals within that spectrum. then check that against your reader’s results.

    also, add in the margin of error/expectation by using astrology to predict the responses of your readers, since this blog is unlikely to have an appeal evenly distributed across the zodiac.

    keep up the great ignorant work!

  208. milo says:

    Accuracy – 0

  209. milo says:

    Oops sorry, 0 is not on the 1-10 scale.

    1 – Sagittarius

  210. Anonymous says:

    1 – Pisces

  211. Pete says:

    4 – Libra

  212. Anonymous says:

    5 – pisces

  213. Johanna says:

    6 – Leo

  214. Rebecca says:

    2 – Scorpio

  215. andrewfordham says:

    0=gemini, we all know its crap

  216. Kevin Graham says:


  217. jc says:


  218. Hannah says:

    2 – Cancer

  219. A says:

    2 – Cancer

  220. antiqueight says:

    1- virgo

  221. Anders Elfgren says:

    5 – Virgo.

    I’m not doing anything particularly romantic, but I am moving to Scotland (from Sweden) soon so the map part kind of rings true.

  222. Andrew MW says:

    1 – Aries

  223. Sal says:

    Scorpio – 1

  224. Slava says:

    Scorpio – 1

  225. jimibungle says:


  226. Solus says:

    1 – Leo

  227. Calum says:

    1 – Aquarius

  228. Anonymous says:

    10 – Taurus

  229. Clint says:

    3 – Libra

  230. Kablam says:

    1- Pices. Nothing at all romantic or sweet yesterday. Didn’t even look at a map, let alone look up someone from afar. Rubbish.

  231. carvert says:

    9- ARIES

  232. OBSirius says:

    1 – Aries

  233. gulia1985 says:


    “Sweet and Romantic” is inapplicable to my life right now, but I did just get back from a trip and have been reaching out to my friends from all over, so it’s kinda accurate.

  234. Night Janitor says:

    1 – Aquarius

  235. […] Let’s test astrology! Good morning.  Looks like a busy few days ahead.  I am speaking in Edinburgh on Thursday, Dublin on Friday and […] […]

  236. Waterwallah says:

    4 – Pisces

  237. SemiColon says:

    1 – Taurus

  238. hmm says:

    2 – gemini

  239. interesting... says:

    7 – pisces

    god, this stuff is such crap. will you please post the results? 🙂

  240. Kris says:

    6, Aquarius

  241. Zahir says:

    1, Aquarius

  242. futurestandard says:

    this isn’t testing astrology. it’s testing horoscopes. not the same thing.

  243. agrufus says:

    Well after reading such predictions each morning what one should do? Trying to find ways to spend the day accordingly or at the end of the day link back the predictions with what actually happened on that day?

    Do these general predictions really help us in our day to day life?

  244. lflcorreia says:

    1 – Cancer

    Astrology to me is nothing more than the same old bullsh*t to make money of the naïve or ignorant! If it was for the day 15th i would give it some credit because it’s my birthday.

  245. Shelly says:

    1 virgo

  246. Dad says:

    7 – Capricorn

  247. P.T. Barnum says:

    5 -Virgo

  248. Elle Finch says:

    5 – Gemini

  249. P.T. Barnum says:

    neutral 5 – Virgo

  250. richardwiseman.wordpress.com….I like that blog…and I like that post….Congrat.
    So you can help anyone anything….

  251. minticetea says:

    well… i don’t think this kind of ‘generalized’ predication can help anyone that much. Suppose my horoscope of the day says – ‘bad day for travelling’ – so …should all the people with my sign just stay at home for the entire day?? … huh!!

    But well…I do believe that people with same sign will have some similarities in their nature… or a particular period of time can be good/bad/average for your sign in terms of getting response for the efforts made…. or at times getting lucky/ unlucky even without any efforts 😛

    Oh btw….
    my rating – 3 (Aquarius)

  252. Mark B. says:

    Aries, 3

  253. sioneve says:

    0 – Libra

  254. mangochan says:

    1 — Leo

  255. Janine says:

    1 – Cancer

  256. Alan says:

    1 Cancer

  257. […] 17, 2009 A recent fun test of Astrology on Richard Wiseman’s website reminded me of the fact that despite being extremely sceptical of this crazy belief/pseudoscience I […]

  258. Anonymous says:

    1 – gemini

  259. Phil says:

    1 – Gemini

  260. JamesC says:

    “Your heart may be fully engaged in something sweet and romantic, but you know you’ve got more going on than that. It’s a good day for you to check in with your people all over the map.”

    Well my heart *may* be engaged in something sweet and romantic every day, cuz I’m a sweet and romantic person. Strangely enough I *do* know that I’ve got ‘more going on that that’, because I’m quite busy. And surely any day is a ‘good day for you to check in with your people all over the map’?

    So yes. Saggitarian and I’d say 7 but only because it is so vague.


  261. anna says:

    is this a trick ? i thought you and chris french didnt believe in all this as the inexorable energies are moving towands confirmation of metaphysics are you now aligning yourself to that.

  262. anna says:

    this is the age old story of trying to mass all sun signs together, the chart has millions of permutations, this is like trying to explain medicine in a phrase ,untill you know all the individual syndomes its impossible to understand learn astrology ,from educated info ,not the usual potboiler rubbish.

  263. akincitr says:

    thank you for this information. I hope u ll go on helping us to learn this kind of important issues Eğlence ve hüznün bir arada yaşandığı bir dünya.!!!

  264. -_- HAHA! says:

    I don’t believe that by this test you’ll prove anything considering astrology.

    You may only gather different people who are tracked by different routes by their own individual tendencies who were searching on the internet during particular moment not regarding geocentrical position and so on and so off…

    And, honestly, I hate people who present themself as “astrologers” and work on a basis of SUN position. That’s an insult for ay mind.

  265. -_- HAHA! says:

    And, btw, whoever want’s to learn a bit of astrology should visit


    Before someone looze mind with those false astrologers and wannabie Dr.Astronomers who will prove that astrology is not “working” without even entering the subject by itself (they prefer to rely on “what astrologers say” hahaha) thus managing to defy their “dr” title with their own stupidity and ignorance with stubboredness of ay caveman inteligens.

  266. geetanjali kadam says:

    I want to improve my life and i want good life partner when my wish going to fulfill

  267. George says:

    The quote is too vague to make sense out of. 0 / Zero/ Scorpio.

    An astrological quote from an old friend:
    The Cancer might kill you but the crabs
    will drive you crazy.

  268. Share and view free adult videos, pictures, games and much more…

    […]Let’s test astrology! « Richard Wiseman[…]…

  269. anibal morbo says:

    la cercania del planeta marte afecta la mente humana, asi como UD probo el efecto luna llena (probado con 100 años al azar) lo que prueba la realidad de la astrologia

  270. Anonymous says:

    I am a Gemini, which actually normally starts somewhere in the middle of the day on the 21st of may and not the 22nd as the inaccurate table above suggests. This goes for all of the dates above so the experiment is flawed. Some astrologers do not go by predictions but the effect astrology has on a persons personality. There is the concept of a whole birth chart as well as sun sign you have a rising sign. Moon sign, and all of the other planets in different signs. To be able to do a proper experiment on astrology you would need to take this fact into consideration. selective selection on one aspect of anything will lead you to a non experiment with unfair and incomplete answers. my answer for this was zero. And everyone thinks of romance from time to time. Today you will be annoyed at someone in your life. things should seem to solve themselves eventually but a piece of good luck this week should even things out. that will be my forecast to everyone who reads this every week of their lives and I will normally be right. Oh the power of generalisation but it cannot disprove astrology as far as each individuals birth chart goes.

    • Anonymous says:

      if you have an alterior motive, for finding astrology rubbush, without studying it , you should study people like ,nick anthony fiorenza,rob hand,eric francis, malvin artly,frank cliffordd, bernadette brady,liz green, etc etc ,in order for you to qualify to make a judgement. are you intent on not doing an in deapth investigation..astrology is extremely complex and you cant possibly accurately dscribe an individual just by the sun,moon ,ascendant sign.

  271. jackflashskunk says:

    This is a retarded article. It shows a total lack of depth and absolutely no knowledge of astrology. This would serve better as a test for cold fusion or for tempering chocolate.

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