First, thanks to Scientific American Online for posting an article about the new optical illusion that I mentioned yesterday. Great that it reached such a wide audience!

Yesterday I also sent out a strange challenge on Twitter, asking people to present a summary of the first Star Wars film in 140 characters or less. I was swamped with replies, and here are some of my favourites:

saliearls: farm boy saves princess, gets robots, fights space war, learns mind tricks. Obi Wan dies. May be about religion.

wizely Effeminate farmboy from nowhereville still manages to find incestuous attraction and blow things up amidst insterstellar war.

ahanin Luke falls in love with his sister and tries to kill his dad.

StuartForsyth Farmhand goes on a roadtrip with an old guy. While being chased by crazy father discovers he’s more than he thought.

scottcrussell Disgruntled exemployees persuade ragtag no hopers to kidnap an executive all goes terribly wrong when head office destroyed.

NatashaMuse crazy bearded desert-dwelling hermit tricks a virgin into become a terrorist and hating his own father.

ianvisits Girl meets droid. Driod meets boy. Droid leaves boy for old man. Droid takes boy and old man to cowboy. Cowboy gets girl.

So, can you do any better? Want to try any other films? Oh, and if you haven’t seen it, here is Star Wars in just 5 secs (thanks daisyjane1)….


  1. “ianvisits Girl meets droid. Driod meets boy. Droid leaves boy for old man. Droid takes boy and old man to cowboy. Cowboy gets girl.”

    That is REALLY good! 😀

  2. I haven’t seen the movies in years, but here’s my attempt:

    Pew, pew, pew. Use the force, Luke. Tchong, thcong, tchong. I am your father. Pew, pew, pew. Bang.

  3. Small town boy grows up loses mother, & wife who has twins. Male twin hates father, loves sister, kills the bad guy amidst interstellar war.

    That is exactly 140 characters.

    Great idea btw! Follow me @russwbeck

  4. George Lucas brain farts plot inconsistencies and creates a huge pile of bad sf clichés with flashing lights for adhd kids, 5 star familyfun

  5. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won theirDamn!

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  7. wee kid grows up. some guys fight. he has a son. he turns into a scary guy with breathing problems. he dies. he is still his son’s father.

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