You may remember that last week we helped young Albert open the company safe in his bid to get access to a rare clock. Well, it seems that the company are especially hot on security. When he opened the safe door, Albert was confronted with three boxes. Each had a picture of a different form of transport (a speedboat, a racecar and a horse).


The note simply said….

Hi ,
The rare clock is in one of these boxes. You only get to open one box and your task is to open the one containing the clock. Here is a clue that might help – “I am the same going forwards as backwards”

Good Luck

Bob (company director)

Which box should Albert open?

As ever, please do not submit your solution, but feel free to say if you think that you have solved it and how long it took. Answer on Monday! Have a good weekend.

Update: For those that get it straight away, Briantist has posed a nice follow-up question – how do you spell ‘a hungry horse’ in four letters?


    1. That pretty much sums up how I feel about these puzzles. Thanks for throwing in an easy one Richard. I can get back to work without distraction now.

  1. No problemo. Got it pretty much instantly.

    I like the easy ones! :oD (My brain ain’t quite good enough for some of the harder ones…)

  2. Got it and I think 5 seconds would be generous.

    Seems to be very unambiguous, but I look forward to the spew of convaluted reality-stretching ‘alternative’ answers.

  3. I was quite pleased with myself about getting this til I saw everyone saying how easy it was…although it did take be about 10 seconds

  4. I got the theory pretty much within a few seconds and the actual answer ages later – I knew what I was looking for, but thought I was wrong because I couldn’t see it. How retarded do you have to be to know what you are looking for, then stare blankly because despite knowing it must be there you can’t see it?
    Still, got it. HELL YEAH.

  5. Just like ScreamingGreenConure I worked out the theory instantly and then doubted myself as I couldn’t see it, got it after about 5 minutes of hard staring!

    Mental note to self, remember to read these things very very carefully! πŸ™‚

  6. Got it pretty quickly, this week! Felt really proud at first until I saw everyone else saying how easy this week’s was. Bad times.

  7. The property of the one box that makes it the right one hit me even before i saw the question…8P This is the first friday puzzle i have got immediately!

  8. I got what you were looking for immediately, but took me a few seconds to find it.
    yay me! This makes up for my not getting the super easy one from last week right?

  9. Easy one for me for once! Only because the same thing as the correct answer is in one of the “zones” in an online game that I play πŸ™‚

  10. I thought I had it, then saw people saying it was something of a trick. Looked again, and saw we were both right.

  11. The obvious answer just can’t be right. See what you’ve done to our minds? I’ll keep looking for alternatives all weekend!

  12. 5 seconds. I wonder if it’s worth people posting whether they’ve heard the puzzle (or similar) before, or if they had to actually figure it out.

    This one I had heard before.

  13. I think I have it. After seeing everyone say how easy it was, I went back to re-read it. And got it nearly immediately. But it was my second read through.

  14. Easy or not (I really didn’t have to work all that hard at it) it was a lot of fun and I thank you for not only posting this, but the do the test video as well.

  15. Great fun concept, which I’ve only just discovered – your whole weekly puzzle thing, I mean – meanwhile I got it as I read it, which was gratifying – and by the looks of it your other puzzles are harder, so I’ll take a look around your blog – thanks πŸ™‚

  16. Got it , including an answer to the supplementary. You could make a case for saying that the answer is only three letters…

  17. Got tricked by the transportation thing. Oh and the extra ‘challenge’ was google able (Ugh I feel guilty and stupid now).

    Mr eyes, very clever haha.

  18. Just a few seconds to get it! Too easy. The answer to the follow-up question is a bit lame. It doesn’t have any logic. I had to “cheat” and search for it.

  19. ahhhh I forgot about the spelling of the hungry horse! OK I got that too, but not until I totally through out the ‘words’ with vowels in them (oooops!)

  20. I had to google the hungry horse one and I still didn’t get it. I think this is because it is based on a particular piece of slang I’ve never heard. We must not have that slang in Arkansas.

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