Where was Wiseman? Final trial answer


So, the five possible locations were….


and the actual location was…


and here is a pic taken about an hour ago…


Again, a huge thank you to everyone who participated, and the results will be announced on Thursday next week.


90 comments on “Where was Wiseman? Final trial answer

  1. Reece says:

    First one I’ve got right all week!

  2. Mark Baars says:

    Yes!!! Had it right the first time. And I was scared I might have picked it be cause of the bright color…

  3. ivocado says:

    That makes 0/3 for me.

  4. Geek Goddess says:

    This week, I did no better than chance.

  5. Wow, 0/5. Go me 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    0 out of 4. I think maybe living in Switzerland means I am too far away 😉 Does psychic ability drop off following the inverse square rule?

  7. Failed as usual! Can’t wait to hear the results next week 🙂

  8. Scibuff says:

    lol, I got 2/4, chance is a bitch…

  9. Sweeeeet!!! I am totally psychic.

  10. Saryp says:

    0/4 for me! But being psychic i knew that’d be my score 😉

  11. mer0ve says:

    wrong! got 1/4

  12. Nander_ says:

    I had it right:

    “on the streets with a red traffic light on your left. Leaning against metal pole.”

  13. Jemma says:

    Got it wrong! I am sure we go to the same gym, which one you go to?

  14. Tracey says:

    I’m rubbish!!! FACT!

  15. Hedge says:

    3/4 correct 😀 Although my predictions before seeing the pictures were well off, I went with what was closest in colour or object to what I initially thought.

  16. Jill Horsman says:

    way out this time, this was the only picture that I was completely sure wasn’t correct, felt sure that I would have seen the red – just goes to show how crap I am at this!

  17. Heather says:

    Ok, I knew the second I saw it what the right answer was. But that was hard! I imagined a tall cylinder that held something with a circle-y halo at the top. That could have been either of the last two pictures & possibly the middle one. Even though I thought it was a little tricky, I got every one right except one, including the test trial. And I was damn close on the one I missed. I think I might have gotten it if there were pictures showing more of the surrounding area. Before this test, I didn’t really believe in this, but WOW I do now! Do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. JeremyNebraska says:

    foiled, again! 🙂

  19. Kerry Maxwell says:

    My original *vision* was “wooden buildings, well kept”, and this photo seemed most likely to be in the vicinity of wooden buildings. Kind of a stretch to consider it a *hit* despite picking the correct photo. Is the point to pick the correct photo, or to affirm one’s original mental picture?

  20. SteveW says:

    I was not able to participate today as I needed to take a nap. As I was dozing off, a visual image came into my head of a building, a round stone tower. After a few seconds a conical roof appeared (maybe like some castles in France or Belgium). Then the roof faded and was replaced with a radio antenna.
    Well, on waking I decided to check the images and voted for E, as it was a building with a curved front.
    If I’d stayed with the idea of a “round tower” I would have been closer.

  21. madge says:

    1/4 My mojo is so not working it is sitting on the sofa watching day time telly in its underwear!

  22. AMilia says:

    Interesting…now that I look at the actual location my scribbles of a circle (the red object), an oval (looking straight on at the red object), wavy (road surface), cliff and high sides or channel (the view down the street that wasn’t posted), side view of a slot (slot in red object), and tiny circles (aggregate in the road surface)….well, it’s all there. I just didn’t make the connection to the correct picture. Also, The water channel fit my description and the escalator did too.

  23. foolfodder says:

    1/4, get in there!

  24. I took the image of a movie screen (rectangle) then combined it with the image of a crescent. image 3 stuck out the most with the strong rectangle in the center of the (mailbox?) I don’t see color in my dreams or anything so I don’t have that psychic edge. all shapes and value for me !! Nander looks really close- watch out. the government finds psychic ability extremely useful 😮

  25. grthink says:

    Well, if this test test does provide any positive results, they won’t be on account of me.




  26. Wuhu says:

    1/1 xD 100 % psychostuff i have it

  27. Jarak says:

    1/4 for me.

    Which is to say chance, just like everyone else I imagine.

    Still I think that the results and the fun game of who can draw what conclusion from them will be interesting.

  28. EmilyT says:

    Well utterly failed (as expected) on that one!

  29. Did not get any thing that made me want to pick one of the pictures, but did get: Happy Mondays, Guiness, yellow checked shirt, an evening where your in a auditurium, going to see a sport event, (cricket), France, A vinyard, open top low car (classic type), the name Jennifer, brother, Drink driving, and a large lady. but hey its proberbly just my mind making stuff up. All the best mate.

  30. Kerry Maxwell says:

    And judging from the comments, people seem to be jumping to some far-fetched conclusions… Part of my misgivings about this test. The idea of being *good* at this, or that getting all the photos correct confirms remote viewing is an almost tragic misunderstanding of reality.

    • Hedge says:

      I agree. Hopefully the data will reign some people’s enthusiasm in? Or perhaps my scepticism will be shattered. My psychic ability suggests not! 😉

  31. Christopher says:

    Huh.. I did it. I thought “big orange round thing” and the top of that thing qualifies.

  32. Jason says:

    Woohoo! 2/4 for me total. I could hear the postbox beckoning me from thousands of miles away.

    And yet still more psychic than Patricia Putt.

  33. Faye Louise says:

    Damn 1 out of 4 right! I am so rubbish!

  34. GabrielDunn says:

    My key words were good, especially the RED one. And I got the mailbox based on the color. Wooo

  35. Dammit. Finally got a hit (Near a BLUE door) and failed to see the vote had started… 😛

  36. Anonymous says:

    Oops I did it again…wrong.

    Well….except I did see a jigsaw and the pavement is a bit like one….ha ha…well if psychics can clutch at straws so can I.

  37. cam says:

    Oops I did it again…wrong.

    Well….except I did see a jigsaw and the pavement is a bit like one….ha ha…well if psychics can clutch at straws so can I.

  38. Do you think if remote viewing is possible that the signals are EM? or do they travel through some kind of sub-space quantum pathway? any ideas?

    • Just my 2 cents. I’m thinking that all electrons may be indirectly connected + the holotropic principle that suggests they all contain the same data = just a matter of some kind of frequency tuning.

  39. lotus says:

    0/4. This test seems to support my innitial prediction, I’m not psychic! Will look forward to Thursday.

  40. Psychic_Weed says:

    Wrong again! Nonetheless, THANKS VERY MUCH RICHARD WISEMAN FOR CONDUCTING THIS EXPERIMENT! I’ve found it very, VERY interesting. As w/ so many things, I think Remote Viewing is completely possible – HOWEVER, I don’t think I’m likely to experience it w/o being in a very particular state of mind &/OR w/o having a particular perceptual key. This experiment helped me work toward the latter. At least this experience gave me impetus to think about such factors as how yr framing of the fotos effects me – I’m a film & video maker so yr (the photographer’s) sense of composition was a potential biasing element, etc..

  41. uksceptic says:

    Missed it today unfortunately. Got too busy at work. Apologies!

    Really looking forward to seeing the results of the test.

  42. texman2 says:

    I failed-but overall got 2 out of 4 this week.

  43. The Spoon says:

    I am taking up residence with the big Fail whale. This ain’t my bag.

  44. Jill says:

    Well, I was only here to participate in 2 of them, but got both wrong. Guess my dreams of becoming a world famous psychic wont be coming true. :p (no, not really)

  45. Nope, i guessed wrong 🙂 well, 1 in 5 chance, it is likely to guess wrong.

  46. Ashley says:

    I finally got one right! My first instincts were “cardboard, red and yellow”, so I was vaguely correct, if we assume there’s cardboard in the letterbox.

  47. Wish we knew more about the areas surrounding the photos. Many might have been really close, but “off-camera”. Specifically, i’d be interested to know if A & B are near the same place.

  48. duayt says:

    2 for 4

  49. Sander says:

    Oooh, I nailed this one 😀
    Then again, throughout the week I consistently said he’d be in an old town, (probably near the town square) and picked the photo that to me looked most like such a situation from the five. It was bound to work out some time 😉

  50. Luke says:

    Finally got one. I am teh psychic.

  51. You could have typed his location into google streetview if you wanted to get really creative 😀

  52. claire says:

    yay! i was right! didnt have much (if anything) to do with what i had been thinking about so what i did was look at each picture and try to picture richard standing there.

    and i chose the right one – yay!

  53. Catherine(CatSea1959) says:

    While you were studying our psychic abilities, *I* was practicing mind control.. ha ha, made you stand by that red thingy.

    Not really. I thought of a grassy park, so I opted for “A”.
    My psychic abilities: FAIL.

  54. claire says:

    yes i would like to add thanks to prof wiseman too.

    it has been great fun participating in this experiment – i shall miss it! maybe i dont have to.

    for a few days yet, it’ll get to 3pm and i’ll be trying to picture where he is, lol!

  55. Hester says:

    Absolutely gutted,..got nothing right! if there is a thing as ´exceptionally good´ then this result is ´exceptionally bad´ Ha 🙂

  56. Carl says:

    Spooky – first time I tried – I got a big red box impression – and was right – I abandon all my skepticism – I am clearly psychic!

  57. Dale says:

    0/4, but really thought I had this one. Again, I had drawn elements which could have matched several images. I tweeted, “drew line segments in center not connected but overall shape of a flared “I”. Also tweeted “drew 2 arcs widely separated on left and right side of page”. Also drew what I took to be a statuary object and my drawing looks rather like a chess piece rook. So these clues could have matched “C”, “D”, or “E”. Also drew an oval that I took to be a rock and closely spaced parallel lines slanting up to the right. This I believed matched the grating on the escalator, so I chose “C”. Oh well, it was interesting. Perhaps I just need to practice this a bit. For me, if any effect is actually there, it’s that I detect aspects from many of the images the real target as well as the decoys. Not very useful unless I can narrow things down better.

  58. Nick DC says:

    Ok, that is so weird. I actually thought of a mail box on Day 1 I think. Delayed reaction?

  59. Kate says:

    Nope, I was totally wrong on this one unless my thoughts of “inside metal container, pillar” were anything to do with it – did you climb into the thing and wait for half an hour RW? 😉

    I think the idea of genuine remote viewing may only be possible inasmuch as something like the unlikely “monkeys w/ typewriters writing a Shakespeare play” scenario; where a remote viewer getting any keywords pertaining to a location and object are totally random and the choice from a set of given photos is purely subjective to one’s own interpretation of their keywords???

    I look forward to the stats from this and maybe another similar experiment; possibly being able to add the keywords/images/feelings one’s imagination comes up with that one felt applied to the chosen photo on the questionaire, as testees with both wrong and right answers may have had same/similar keywords despite their choices?

  60. Rosie Rose says:

    Well, I scored 2 out of three. This last one the mail box, I saw red, old, wood and corroded, wall behind. Though it wasn’t wooden I had no doubt. I also got the open red metal thingy, but I missed on yesterday’s because I clearly saw a tunnel, light outside and dark inside and that was one of the alternates.

  61. Jeff says:

    I had a sharp, distinct vidual of a coconut so thought maybe you were on vacation.

    I picked the right one, but that was based more on my instict of what you picked before.

  62. Sarah says:

    0/2 darn it I’m not psychic. I’m relieved to be honest because I don’t believe ;p. It was fun though thanks

  63. morgan says:

    I didn’t take part in the experiment today. I was just too tired after the whole day at work. But then I decided to see what happens before looking at the pictures. So the question was where was Wiseman today.

    I used tarot again to get hints about the location. I looked at the cards and at the first glimpse my impression was: a reflecting pool, or mirror perhaps. So my answer was B. Now, there are a couple of possibilities: (a) I was still too tired, (b) Wiseman is lying, he was at B, (c) Wiseman was at B at some other time today, or at least he was thinking of going to B, (d) I was plain wrong – well, it happens 🙂

    • morgan says:

      Well, I had this impression of some solid vertical structure next to the location. But eventually I was still wrong, right? 🙂

  64. MattB says:

    Excellent! Only one I’ve got correct – but the difference today was I didnt bother trying to “feel” anything – I just outright guessed! Hooray!

  65. Jools says:

    I saw the tweet, and all I could picture was a big white sphere. Then again, that might have something to do with the gym ball in the room I was in at the time.

    When I saw the pictures I guessed E.

    Then again, how can I expect to access Richard’s brainwaves with my wifi router sat so close?

    • Jools says:

      Oh, wait, I just realised I got 0/1. 0% is much lower than could happen by chance. I must have some kind of inverse psychic ability.

  66. Suzanne says:

    Yay I got it right and it was my first time! 🙂

  67. Em says:

    I’m afraid I chose the post box whilst thinking that if it was a setup, it would be the post box because its the only one where you could easily envisage him standing next to it. the others were all far away or you can’t see the ground… hmmmmmmmmm

  68. Jubz says:

    It was pretty weird how when i focused on it, how sure i was it was the postbox, i completely disregarded the others apart from A, which i did consider but realised it was only cos i saw it when i first loaded the page and didnt really consider it when i concentrated.

    Again it could just be the random chance of it….so looking forward to the results of the experiment to see if it may have merit

  69. Well I picked the wrong picture, but my impressions partially match the location. My first tweet was steel, pole… grr oh well nice experiment though.

  70. Becky says:

    how strange – missed the trial today but just got drawn to the post box before i saw that was the pic- how cool.

  71. HannahB says:

    I picked the right one but only because I thought it was the only one that wasn’t taken on a sunny day.

    • Catherine(CatSea1959) says:

      You are BRILLIANT.
      Would be kinda funny if this wasn’t really a test in twitterer’s psychic abilities (or like I suggested mind control) but really how many simply relied on deductive logic.

      again, I FAIL.

  72. Karen says:

    Wow, on this one what I saw was a stone arch, exactly like the windows behind the red thing.

    Oh, well.

  73. Lenaworld says:

    2 out of 3, I’m pretty impressed with my partly psychic brain… When is the next experiment?

  74. ladymidnight says:

    Yay – 0 out of 3! And I was sure there were water & ducks in this one. No quacks coming from the postbox? Or splashes? Oh well…

  75. Venom says:


    OK, wrong again.

    So my personal score is 0/4.

    With skepticality,

  76. Robb Bennett says:

    Ha! This was my 1st one and I nailed it. I want to do this every week. I’ve got the power! 😉

  77. […] the final trial I stared intently at a red postbox. The group believed that I was standing at the side of a canal. […]

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