Where was Wiseman? Trial 2 results


So, the five possible locations were…


and the actual location was….


And here is a pic of my good self sitting there at 3.15 today…


How did you do?


164 comments on “Where was Wiseman? Trial 2 results

  1. Christopher says:

    Did much better than yesterday! It’s orange and not yellow, and less banana-shaped than I imagined.. but it’s curvy at least.

  2. Wrong – but then I usually am …… so I’ve been told ……..

  3. cam says:

    Well I got it wrong as expected but I did get green right..haha.

    I said I saw a steeple and D is similar,which was my pick… so maybe I was half right……

  4. Steve says:

    I saw a curvy road with cars and you viewing it like in the bottom picture. Half there!

  5. Damo says:

    Ok, yesterday, I tweeted “you’re in a classroom”, and picked the uni building. Today I tweeted “you’re in a garden” and picked the playground. I missed day one. I’m starting to think there’s something in this! Can’t wait for tomorrow…

  6. JATetro says:

    Wow…the cold part I got but why were you not wanting to be there for the whole 30 minutes? I don’t get it.

  7. Katherine Konner says:

    So none of the above was what I imagined. However, one of yesterday comments wrote about a method that based finding the 1 out of 5 image based on the feeling/sense of the images I did have. And there was only 1 image that came close, though 2 were tempting.

  8. Scibuff says:

    I was totally spot on! (who cares there’s no water?)


    anyways, there’s no such thing as psychics!

  9. JATetro says:

    Oh, and I also got the squinting part. I just ‘felt’ it was the stairs but that’s unfortunately contamination from my own feelings of cold and squinting. Good experiment.

  10. Jason says:

    Blargh, now I’m only 1 for 2. I had already printed up my “100% psychic success rate” business cards, too…

    Oh well, still a better performance than Patricia Putt.

  11. Draven says:

    DOH!!! I was rubbish again lol

  12. Jorge says:

    It may sound rare but the first time I saw the pictures, my attention went to the one you were at… however, when I “reasoned” it, I voted for picture B…

  13. Wrong again. It’s funny how I am more tempted to change my confidence level in my guess at the picture from Not Certain to Quite Certain just because one of the pictures closer matched what i tweeted more than yesterdays. When I don’t believe in remote viewing and I know that the chance everyday remains the same. Why are people so influenced by this stuff, even sceptics. I supposed deep down we want to believe and it would be awesome if we had these special powers.

  14. David M. says:

    I couldn’t have been any further off.

  15. hmmmm… I know what the problem was! I never get good psychic reception in this building.

  16. Marie says:

    humm…. got it right about angles and part of the surroundings…. had to choose between this photo and the church … and chose wrong… alas…. BUT I am still confident – about the experiment overall – so I look forward to tomorrow 🙂 …

  17. Dan says:

    Huh. Well I thought “sand dune, green foliage, blue sky, red poles”. That’s not bad!

  18. ifthe21st says:

    Huh. I said: Surrounded by brutal concrete. Facile ‘public art’. Little-to-no people. Uncomfortable bench. All in-range WiFi useless. (http://bit.ly/MZUH3)

  19. drunknfun says:

    well i initially chose A but when i sat down and thought about the colours i saw and the colour green came thro very strong in the form of bushes or trees also the colour red i went back and chose C next time i will be careful of my descision

  20. Frank says:

    My guess was nothing like any of the 5 places that I had to choose from. Ended up choosing the shop because it was the closest to my guess: a quaint family restaurant.

  21. Ben Coultry says:

    It seems I got the picture right, but my mental image doesn’t quite match unless there was open field to the left of you

  22. Beth says:

    I’m two for two, must be psychic! I saw shrubs and grass, this was the closest to that. Yesterday I was thinking bricks or square stones (missed the window to tweet it) and picked right as well.

    Seriously, with this many people participating, won’t there almost certainly be some, even a tiny percentage, who get 3 or even 4 of 4 right? It would be hard to actually be one of those few and not feel you’d done something special, even if rationally we know the odds are it will happen to someone.

    • uksceptic says:

      Yeah the more people that take part the more people that will get all of them right. That is a statistical certainty. Derren Brown recently had a television programme called ‘The System’ which basically was a massive horse racing prediction scam that worked on this principle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derren_Brown

      If you happen to be the one person that gets all of them right then you might be inclined to think that you have psychic abilities. However that would be discounting all the other people that got it wrong. This is a form of confirmation bias or cherry picking.

    • CB says:

      Sure, there is a high likelihood that some people will actually pick all of the right pictures. There is a similar likelihood that some people will not pick any of the right pictures.

      If Prof. Wiseman gets a curve that is a basic bell curve (most likely with a skew right, towards the “miss” end) it is high likelihood that remote viewing (by the twitter audience at least) is not plausible. However, if he gets some nice outliers towards the “hit” side, it is an indicator of the plausibility of remote viewing (and by extension, other psychic phenomenon).

      I know this is not exactly how he is evaluating, but this is how I would look at it, since it in unlikely that a large percentage of the twitter participants would be versed or skilled in remote viewing were it to exist.

      It might be a good idea to keep track of individual voters to track the consistency of hits and misses for each participant.

      It is interesting to note how many people are participating despite their apparent disbelief in psychic abilities like remote viewing.

    • uksceptic says:

      Like every good sceptic will tell you just because we don’t believe doesn’t mean we aren’t prepared to be proved wrong!

    • CB says:

      I would love to be proven wrong! How cool is that? Think of the applications of remote viewing. If the human brain can perform a feat like that, then what about telepathic communication? No more long distance phone calls! Need to call someone across the Atlantic? No problem! 😀

    • uksceptic says:

      Psychic ability of any nature would be awesome!

      Personally I would love a bit of telekinetic ability. Man that would be cool.

    • Beth says:

      Of course ukskeptic is right, I’m just observing that for those people who do hit 4 of 4, at an emotional level it would feel pretty weird. However well we understand the math it’s natural to react to the specifics of our own experience.

    • uksceptic says:

      Totally agree Beth. This is exactly why some believers find it so hard to be convinced otherwise, primarily because they have had some significant personal experience which. Although this might be very unlikely to happen by coincidence is actually extreamly likely to happen to someone when you consider the whole population.

  23. Sonja says:

    Oh oh…I totally was some place else……..

  24. GabrielDunn says:

    Well I got the keywords right, green, stone…but I had picked the stairwell, I was really stuck seeing those cobble stones in my mind.

  25. DJ Yuri G says:

    “Modern” was the impression I got. Went with supermarket, obviously. Could that playground structure qualify as a modern shape? Shades of Calder, I think…

  26. Seraph says:

    My answer is correct, happy. 😀

  27. The really annoying thing about this was that this was my first instinct when I saw the pictures, but had not correlated with my first thoughts when you had tweeted, so I let myself be talked into clicking ‘D’. Was I right to go with my tweeting thoughts, or the instinct I felt when I saw the images?

  28. kumarei says:

    0 for 2. Guess I’ll have to give up my dream of becoming a psychic astronaut.

  29. Adrianus says:

    Great! I guessed one right! Now what do I win? Oh… wait… this is not a gameshow… 🙂

    But on the experiment; would it not be better to make the actual targets available at the end?

    I can imagine people counter-reacting or trying to predict a trend. And even people stopping participation because they got one wrong…

    Well, awaiting tomorrow’s trial!

    • kumarei says:

      Hopefully there aren’t any trends to predict. I’m a bit curious about how locations were picked. I’ll have to ask after the experiment is done.

  30. Sally says:

    Very far off from ‘C’. I saw dimmed, quiet interior and multiple-paned windows – and picked ‘D’.

  31. madge says:

    My mojo must have peaked yesterday I was way off. I thought you were indoors today.Maybe better cancel that UK tour of psychic readings I had planned.

  32. Yay, got it right, what did I win? 🙂

    I thought “orange”, and went for orange colour in choosing the photo, although I had something completely different in mind during the distance viewing part. I had a traffic circle and possibly a hospital in mind, but as none of the pics matched that, I went with the third thing that came to my mind.

  33. paradox777 says:

    Well..I said ‘D’…however, as i mentioned a short time ago..in comments trial one…i did see that in blk and wht…. I NEED TO KNOW!! How far away from the church with the ‘Iron Grating’ That I saw in my view…this may be important as it may be possible that you are taking pictures within the vicinity of the traget. Geez I Hope Im Right. Any Others see tube like object, and Iron grating such as in/on church, as in pic D?? I Give Myself A Half-A-Hit…hahahahaha…c’mon.

  34. Jill Horsman says:

    Well, I got it right yesterday and today – saw gravel, something round, wooden gate and peace, was torn between the wooden stairs and the park, but chose the park because of the gravel and the round(ish) shape. Want to see if I get it right again tomorrow now!! Like a previous poster, I almost changed my mind by thinking about it too much, but just decided to go for my first, instinctive choice.

  35. Angellynnn Cuzick says:

    I was close. I posted this: BREEZY* STEPS/STAIRS* BLACK* CONCRETE* APPREHENSIVE* TREES* STILLNESS* I chose B, but I was also thinking of choosing C.
    I wonder if it was breezy, and if Richard felt apprehensive.. was it calm & quiet? Hopefully Richard will post his thoughts, feelings, etc..

  36. Geek Goddess says:

    I won’t be picking lottery numbers today

  37. Amethyst09 says:

    I said it was outdoors with greenery and a picnic area and a walkway but chose B because that one had the most green in it

    I’ll get it right tomorrow! ;-P

  38. Leisa says:

    Well I got it wrong. But I’m not discouraged. In similar tests I frequently saw upcoming things, upcoming lists, etc. with pretty good accuracy. But this isn’t designed to test the ability to predict things before they happen.

    I’m working on improving my ability to view the current time.

    Ironically what I saw 25 minutes before the test was more on target. I saw you sitting on rocks, gray skies, felt a breeze, with open space in front of you.

    Maybe what I predicted at the time was what you saw on your way back to your car.

    • Saryp says:

      that’s exaclt what i saw, i thought it was some kind of mountain so chose the stairs

  39. sjones71 says:

    Complete failure on my part. I was sure you were in a retail location and was pleased to see that as an option. Is it possible that my psychic powers won’t manifest themselves until several years after puberty? Perhaps when I turn 40 in a few years?

  40. Barry says:

    That’s it, I’m calling the JREF! 2 for 2!

  41. Albertine says:

    I picked the right one, wow!

  42. SteveW says:

    Today I didn’t “see” very much of anything. But I wrote down this:
    Richard Wiseman, where are you?


    shopping centre

    cornflower blue

    red brick

    These thoughts were over a period of time, I went with my first impressions. As a result, I correctly chose C as it is vaguely heart shaped, and could be considered as glowing.

    (But I had very low confidence in this being correct).

  43. thilo says:

    yay, i was right

  44. uksceptic says:

    I got it right, that was the picture that I felt most matched my description. Although failed to mention the playground in my inital tweet which clearly takes up the majority of the picture.

    I said there would be a hill and trees in the background which there is, albeit a small hill. I said long grass but clearly the grass in the background is short. I also said I thought you had a slight headache as you requested we should post mood/feelings.

    Did you take note of your feelings at the time of being there. Have others posted feelings? If so this could be another layer to the experiment.

  45. beckysingh says:

    yes, chose C, but I was not too confident. Have you been to D by the way?!

  46. Paul White says:

    Score! I would be two for two if I hadn’t second-guessed myself yesterday.

    Showing your work in math was proof to the teacher that you did your work. Here are the session notes:

    baby carriage
    black car
    (drawing of vertical lines and crossed like a picket fence)
    (crude drawing of segmented apple)
    shiny metal
    bright light

  47. Joerg says:

    I propose to check if there are people that are so spectacularly wrong each time that it can’t be explained by chance 🙂

  48. Hels says:

    Hmm, it didn’t match my initial thoughts (near or next to water), but when I saw the pictures I had the overwhelming urge to choose this one. I wasn’t at all confident yesterday and was completely wrong, but this one I felt much more sure about.

    Slightly weird but prob entirely explainable.

  49. Mike says:

    I was correct in my guess, didn’t know it, but apparently I’m psychic.

  50. Coupaman says:

    I got the “curvy swirling” feeling yesterday not today so I’ll assume I’m *too* psychic for the test 😉

  51. CB says:

    My impressions when I was “attempting” to remotely view: chain link fence metal stairs (ext 2 building fire escape) gravel damp alley construction site nearby reds blues, no greens.

    I ended up picking A though. I felt like the industrial nature of A matched more of what I “saw” than C. Looking more closely at the picture, I managed to get “metal,” “red,” “gravel,” and “fence” pretty close (although more of an orange than red…).

    I’m still a skeptic of these kinds of things, even though I admit the possibility of our minds having a potential to perform feats that aren’t readily explainable or rational.

    And I’d like to know if there are construction sites near this playground or buildings with an external fire escape (the metal kind with ladders and stairs).

    • paradox777 says:

      Yes…i too would like to know about any metal grating…how far from that church was The Pof.? I saw the Grating on the windows..and church was the first word on my posted feelings..thoughts etc. What say you Richard…how far were you from the church?

  52. Spekkie says:

    yesterday wrong, now right. It was the picture that matched the most the image I had in the first half hour. A space or field with a pole in the middle…. This will do 🙂

  53. How can you think that other people can feel where you are at?
    Doesn’t make any sense at all actualy.
    It is probably just the 1/5 that guesses right, you’ll see…
    Or maybe a little bit higher because some smart people can make more educated guesses if they know you and know the locations… but furthermore, I don’t believe in psychic abilities at all.

    • awwwwww, that’s no fun….

    • paradox777 says:


    • If you don’t understand how ‘energy’ works, it doesn’t make any sense at all. However … it does make sense to me and I’ve seen results of stuff that can have NO other explanation than the fact that we CAN tap into distant energies and contact people, even those who have passed away.

      What if results showed that MORE than 1/5th were right? Would that be lucky guesses?

      How about 1/3rd? What would you say then?

      And where between these figures does it suggest something else is at work?

      And what is being “smart”?
      What is an “educated” guess?


      The Infotainer

    • CB says:

      Except that he has picked locations using a random generator (including the decoy images) to avoid the possibility of someone thinking like him and eliminating choices based on reasoning that doesn’t involve remote viewing.

      The point is to find out if people CAN feel where someone else is at. He isn’t trying to prove; he’s trying to gather information that will either support or dispute the possibility of psychic abilities.

    • uksceptic says:

      Clearly saying “we CAN tap into distant energies and contact people” would suggest that it is you that does not understand ‘energy’ not Mr Irving II.

      Energy is a perfectly reasonable scientific term, it realy bugs me when pseudoscience and psychics use it to explain their mumbo-jumbo and then have the audacity to suggest it is the scientists and sceptics who are close minded and nieve!

    • I know what I understand about energy and clearly it’s not the same as your own narrow view. That’s all.

      Things exist outside current scientific explanations … which is why there are discoveries and advances all the time. One day you may catch up.

    • uksceptic says:

      Thank you for so perfectly proving my point. Things do exsist outside scientific explanations of course, no one is claiming otherwise. But there is a difference between being unexplainable and being made-up.

      Show me some evidence and I will happily open my mind to the suggestions you proposed. Alternatively why don’t you do yourself a favour and go earn a million dollars by taking the challenge here.


      Since you are so ahead of us all your ‘understanding’ of ‘energy’ must appear paranormal.

    • Jason says:

      I think what you ‘understand’ about ‘energy’ is that by making nebulous claims about ‘energy’, you can bilk credulous clowns out of money for your “success coaching” courses.

      Please explain your “understanding” and provide evidence. Your Nobel prize and James Randi’s million-dollar prize is waiting for you. Even if you don’t “need” the money yourself, I’m sure several charities would love to receive it in your name.

    • Of course there is a difference between the unexplained and concocted, and I’m glad you accept that difference and are perhaps open to exploring the possibilities that the unexplained may offer.

      You may believe it when you see it where as I see it when I believ it – and you would too. Being open is the way forward.

      I have no desire or time to explain my beliefs nor provide people like yourself with any evidence. Nor would those I know who have and exercise these powers.

      I have no desire either to enter any challenges by James Randi, David Berglas or anyone else as I have no psychic ablities, only observed many instances and have belief in some.

      Any courses I runh are based on sound, proven principles, laws of this world … and not on taking money for nothing. My clients have a money back guarantee and I have never had to repay one.

  54. craig says:

    cool, 2 out of 2, I did post originally saying it was a water, the 4th picture looked like a canal at first glance but something drew me straight away to the correct image, it could be the shape was different to the others or the image wasnt cluttered like the others but I guessed right

  55. SW says:

    Wow – I feel I got this. By my first tweet as to what I was ‘feeling’ and ‘seeing,’ I did – but then I missed the actual vote – drat – so it doesn’t count. Still, I feel good about it. This is lots of fun but easily sabotaged should sceptics want to throw everything off by putting in ‘just any’ answers – so I don’t see this being very ‘scientific’ – but again, lots of fun so thanks!

  56. The Spoon says:

    Loving the retrofitting going on here

  57. duayt says:

    2 for 2 !!!! 🙂

    1 out of 25 chance?

  58. Luciano says:

    Amazing, I was right! I looked at the C photo and remembered your head shape… amazing…

  59. glmaranto says:

    Total fail. But not surprised at that.

  60. Siajam says:


  61. Christian says:

    This is silly, not even close to a valid remote viewing experiment. Try posting No choice and have people twit a description of the area.

    • CB says:

      We are dealing with a subject that can’t be easily validated with traditional experimentation. I’m sure Professor Wiseman understands that this isn’t a true scientific experiment. This is an exercise of social networking in combination with experimentation.

      The US government has already poured millions into research of remote viewing, and even if they managed to get it right and find viewers, do you think they would let us know?

      What do you suggest would be a valid experiment?

    • Beth says:

      It is an interesting point about the pictures, though. Do they fairly depict the entire area? If we were sitting there, might we have a different impression? I find this a lot of fun and hope it shows something interesting, if only about how to construct other experiments. But it does have limitations.

  62. Stephen M says:

    Woo hoo! I got it right for a change!

    I tweeted: @RichardWiseman I “see” a park with some sort of statue or monument of some sort. And trees. Possibly near or containing water.

  63. Schelmy says:

    hahahaha…I was soooo off, but i wonder what you were thinking while you were sitting there *smile*…

  64. Catriona says:

    haha, got it right!

  65. I felt there was water ….. and I looked at the photos from yester (mistaken that the venue choice was the same) and went for E … instead.

    Where do we see the 5 choices ahead of time? I couldn’t see them on any site, blog or anywhere.

    The Infotainer

  66. Jeff says:

    Was there a little white dog? What’s odd is that I dreamed of all the pictures as part of journey. Did you have to drive by something or see something while picting the other pictures that made you sad? I saw poverty, a man trying to get into a church, having to turn around, a prostitute, a blue truck, and finally a white stray dog at the playground. Poodle mix I think.

    Probably just a normal dream, but struck me when I saw all the pictures. The church caught my attention first because it was a focal point of the dream, but we ended up at a little park to stay and play with the dog.

    • paradox777 says:

      Were you in a bath tub rowing by a flying dog…that was Toto…
      However…I saw that church also Jeff..and did have a dark kinda feeling…maybe the poverty that you felt. I also posted wide space…my issue is i always…well almost have my visions in blk and wht. so the colour thing..i dunno..have to work on that.

  67. I picked the right one, but the description I had was completely wrong. I had described flag poles and low building. I picked the play structure because it was the closest to “poles”, but there’s not a building in sight in that one, and it’s a far cry from flag poles.

  68. Jen says:

    I was wrong, I went for B. I think something in me was influenced by looking at the images from yesterday…even though I knew you were using different ones today, I think on some level I let them influence what I thought I “saw” today. I think my psychic powers are just fairly non-existent, to be honest. Oh well.

  69. Got it wrong again. What came to me was water, color of sand, bridge, green, stone, big white puffy clouds. I chose B because it was the one that had the most of what I picked up 😦

  70. memorialofmemories says:

    well, i didn’t even see the photos and i guessed that you were under an umbrella. so maybe i’m psychic!

  71. Kate says:

    The strongest impression was “red something” – Ok, maybe the actual object is red-orange (close enough?), so when the choices came up I voted for C. Also “swirling shapes, outdoors, laughter and bicyles” from my scribbles could pertain to a play area – & show how much guess-work this exercise comprises of?

    I nearly voted for D as also “swirling shapes” – the gothic style windows, & “old stone buildings” came up… Plus a load of meaningless scribble including lawyers, trams and other “ephem-errata”.

    Do I believe? Hah, no! I erred on the side of “interested sceptics” for some years until I was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy – those “fabulous visions” were nought but auras. During a discussion about this and the so-called “god spot” in the brain, my consultant neurologist told me that he has had patients attempting to sue after the anti-seizure meds stopped their “psychic abilities”!

  72. Dale says:

    I did not choose correctly. My tweet was “right angle shape, hard material, black object.” and, “Contrasting background is white.”

    Initially, I rejected “C”, then came back to it and considered the possibility that right angle shape, hard material, might fit this open figure best. But black object was not represented and white background didn’t fit either. So I rejected it, and focused on “A” and “E” where black right angle shapes contrasted against white backgrounds could be seen.

  73. knhl72 says:

    Urgh… Once I saw the pic, I thought of it, but went with my original description of what I was feeling. Darn….

  74. Doug W. says:

    I think this would make a great twin study: send two identical twins out with cameras, have them try to determine where the other had randomly gone, have them Tweet their thoughts, take pictures of where they are, and see how similar their locations were and if they were able to determine where the other might have gone.

  75. Steve says:

    Hey, I got this one right! I had a “vision” of a sundial in a clearing and that picture was the closest.

  76. Hester says:

    i was talking about rotating motors as in a plane and said aviation…then 2 minutes after i submitted the answer…there is this new follower on twitter in my list and guess what his photo is…yes a plane on the ground taxieing.
    what a flop. 😀

  77. Dyson says:

    Got the picture right this time but I was thinking about a pond and trees (no ducks). I was drawn to the middle picture on the first trial then thought it was ‘cos it was the centre pic. Wonder if pics should be arranged randomly or in a circle to avoid that possible bias. Then again randomness is there in the selection of the actual location.

  78. roely says:

    Strange – first day I pictured you in a forest. The second day I spotted you on top of the apartmentbuilding. But beause I focused on ‘top’ I chose the other picture. Yesterday I said to my husband: tomorrow I see a supermarket. But I forgot today. Today I saw you around a thing with the shape of watertanks like you see in westerns. Seeing all pictures I remembered the supermarket from yesterday and picked that picture. Mixing energies I guess…

  79. Jen says:

    It’s really interesting seeing people’s comments, and the extent to which they relate what they “saw” to this. For example, people who saw water, and trees, and light…really, the key feature of this photo is the red/orange bars….so someone who saw a bridge, for example, was not really seeing the reality. I’d say, for there to be any real proof of psychic ability, someone would have to have been fairly sure which one it was – not saying “well, I nearly put C, but then i thought B…” and so on.

    Interesting that people (myself included, I guess) have an element of them that wants this to be a real phenomenon…is that an explanation for why we try and make the images we “saw” fit the real ones?

  80. Ldyandrea says:

    Well, I didn’t participate yesterday, or even look…..but it appears that what I thought I saw today was actually yesterday’s! Weird.

  81. Ange1ina says:

    I got an impression of rubble, cylinders and tubes, so chose C which seemed to be closest to that.

  82. VtheV says:

    hahaha. well, keep this up for 3 more times, and based off statistics i’ll get 1 of those days right. not today though…damn you statistics!! *shakes fist*

  83. lakritze says:

    Phew. All completely wrong. Nothing to be amazed about — what a relief.

  84. rok says:

    i was right today:)

  85. stuart says:

    I did well. Two days in a row!

    Today’s impressions were:

    two flat areas, one a little elevated, guard box/phone booth on the right, stop sign, iron fence, the iron curves at the top

    I may have a future in this! 🙂

  86. drunknfun says:

    ok to uksceptic EVERYONE IS PYSCHIC!!! but it depends if you want to work on it and “tune in” and anyone can remote view!!!!! its up to the individual and how their lifestyle is to be able to pick up pyschic senses!! its not down to the few people who get all these trials right

  87. EmilyT says:

    Picked the right picture today, description though was mostly off. Still it’s all chance anyway in my opinion!

  88. mer0ve says:

    I got it! Woot and was it windy and did u see/bring/have a grey jacket?

  89. Milton says:

    I am 0 to 2. But now I’ve thought about it a bit, I realize I picked images selected by Prof. Wiseman both times! I also feel that they are the places that he ACTUALLY wanted to go. Yay 100%. Win.

    (thanks Patricia Putt for the logic help)

  90. Sam says:

    Funny, I got it right… Despite yelling ‘somewhere with ducks!’ at you on twitter.

  91. Tony says:

    Darn. I nailed it but didn’t get here to vote:

    @RichardWiseman Hmmm…lots of vertical lines. Maybe poles? Trees? There’s a bright color that really stands out. Ambiguous much?

  92. Josie says:

    I picked the right one because it was the closest to what I’d thought – I was thinking of stony ground and this had bark. But I wasn’t too confident!

  93. JeremyNebraska says:

    dern…i was off. oh well. next time. 🙂

  94. Dominic says:

    I tweeted back the words: tree, grass, fence, sculpture, playground, path, water fountain, children. I obviously picked letter “C”. …which is almost exactly what I was imagining!

    This really freaks me out!

  95. foxrafer says:

    Two for two. Chance, lucky guesses or whatever, I think it’s kind of cool

  96. That’s 2 hits out of 2 for me!

  97. @PURPLEXED says:

    hello from London – overslept 2day so only had 1Omins to visualize. Picture was overwhelmingly white, circular, raised +with black in centre. first photo explains the circular + black: it is the shadows. Interesting to read that Angellynn mentioned APPREHENSIVE today. Yesterday, 15mins into visualizing i started feeling low + was also wondering if Richard had felt apprehensive. Think it was Steve who chose LIBRARY OR MUSEUM yesterday – i did too. Also i felt there was not much noise. – Many interesting, informative + funny comments today. BTW – many times i posted a tweet with an unusual word or phrase to find someone i follow tweeted at precise minute using same phrase. Have only tweeted since mid April so the percentage is high. As we mainly follow people who have similar interests to ours we may well be on the same wavelength with more people on Twitter than in our local life. Must set alarm for tomorrow’s trial – Good luckTweeples. x

  98. adalex2001 says:

    When I saw this http://twitter.com/RichardWiseman webpage today, the leaves on the page’s background made me think about a forest. I twittered ‘forest’ and I chose the second picture….it seems that I was closed.

  99. Richard says:

    I had to go out so didn’t get a chance to choose a picture at 4pm. I tweeted at 3 that I could see trees, so probably would have gone for B.

    I don’t think this selection was differentiated enough to make for a good experiment: the composition of B and E are very similar (path in perspective, light coming in from top centre); B, C and D feature very similar colours; B and C significant greenery; A and D lots of reddish orange.

    Or is the possibility for confusion part of the experiment?

  100. Thin green fred. says:

    i had a vision on somthing L shaped and a bed, That was closest so i got it right today Yeah totaly wrong yesterday though

  101. Showeda says:

    As stated in a previous comment…I think you should/could be finding significance in any of us ‘seeing/feeling’ any of the 5 images randomly selected…If you can consider this…Then I would consider myself eligible to join a psychic/telepath infant school somewhere…As, bearing in mind I was hurrying back from hosp appt…What I glimpsed, were the black extractor type thingies of photo A and the camel coloured supermarket floor of photo E…I still think this is a red-herring…This is based not only on your limited bio, but also on the still dubious methodology…Yes you were in the picture,but still no date or time… And the very limited photo info, which shows you from one angle only…What was behind you…Or to the side etcanyway…You continuing

  102. Showeda says:

    As stated in a previous comment…I think you should/could be finding significance in any of us ’seeing/feeling’ any of the 5 images randomly selected…If you can consider this…Then I would consider myself eligible to join a psychic/telepath infant school somewhere…As, bearing in mind I was hurrying back from hosp appt…What I glimpsed, were the black extractor type thingies of photo A and the camel coloured supermarket floor of photo E…I still think this is a red-herring…This is based not only on your limited bio, but also on the still dubious methodology…Yes you were in the picture,but still no date or time… And the very limited photo info, which shows you from one angle only…What was behind you…Or to the side etc…At least 3, if not 4 could be within ‘spitting distance’ of where you were.

  103. Showeda says:

    …I’m not finding this as funny/groundbreaking or just as entertainingly distracting as previous days…Still ploughing on tho’…Feels like we’re shutting this door of perception(s) rather than exploring it…But we shall see what we shall see…Maybe ESP/instinct/telepathy can not be framed or restricted by language…If it does exist…It may require nurturing in more conducive environs…Not sure computer/twitter is way to go.

  104. Jeff says:

    I thought grass, fresh air, field, and maybe a cow. Picked the correct picture. got everything right, except the cow. But the object looks “cowy” doesn’t it?

  105. hi i left you a note on twitter at just after 3 saying you were over looking somthing and metal bars, i do not need options im not a monkey. just beleive and you learn so much more.

  106. Fawkes m says:

    well after finally getting to partipate. I feel I was prettyspot on. I felt like I was looking up at a ferris wheel. but then it seemed like the lines were not all straight so I imagined it could the rigging of a sail boat. the more I thoughtinto it seemed to be weblike with lines originating from a central hub. at that point I lost focus because I was afraid I was viewing the network hosting the site.

    I’d also like to add I was driving to work while viewing.

  107. Vincent says:

    Does knowing (in advance) that i would be wrong mean i am psychic?

  108. Marsh says:

    I saw a lamp-post and a road. I picked the correct photo as a pure guess. I am not psychic, but apparently I’m 1 in 5 lucky. I got yesterday’s wrong though, so I’ll compromise and only as for half of Randi’s million… that’s how it works, right…? 😛

  109. Phronk says:

    I drew a picture of that EXACT LOCATION (almost, sorta) … http://phronko.blogspot.com/2009/06/its-almost-like-esp-day-2.html

  110. Jay says:

    I picked C because I said I ‘saw’ a fence, so that kinda matched with the actual location. Other than that I described a soft breeze but that can’t be seen on the pictures.

  111. Ellen says:

    Lovely, I could not have been more wrong. (Apart from picking the other three wrong answers.)

  112. Charlie says:

    I’m trying to contain myself, but to anyone who though you had any prior notion of where Richard was, or that what you “saw” prior to the pictures being posted had anything to do with where he actually was, or that your correct guess was due to more than random chance I say, “Rubbish.” In the end I’m confident that the the data will bear out my position, but if proven wrong I will be happy to reverse my position and withdraw my comment.

  113. debronski says:

    I just knew it! Perhaps it’s because it’s the most intriguing of the pics? What was that other experiment conducted on television with the paintings about a hundred years ago (1983) on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World. Found it in an interview with Rupert Sheldrake on his theory of Morphic Resonance

  114. debronski says:

    … but absolutely no luck with pick the perps!

  115. MLC says:

    Here is what is bizarre, i saw those walls in Georgia that stand up to form a circle by a university that have all the sayings on it in different languages about population reduction. So I chose A because it was a wall. I should have went with the shape. I actually thought of it when I had the choices but I thought it would have been way to obscure. I will keep my day job for now 🙂

  116. Venom says:


    Wrong again…

    With skepticality,

  117. koreanish says:

    Good lord. I nailed it.

    • koreanish says:

      I didn’t realize I was supposed to vote here and so instead I tweeted back to you this: A hilly landscape, with a few trees along the horizon, very dry, and a thin road runs through it. To the right, I see woods.

  118. Jason says:

    strange..i got the right one again, i just felt like that place

  119. Esteban Barahona says:

    # kata’na =}

  120. Mysterio says:

    Wiseman was looking for a cloth to buff his shiny dome.

  121. kehk says:

    I got the pebbles, I saw you sitting looking at pebbles.
    so then I thought you would be at the sea side….

  122. Brian says:

    Richard I don’t trust you to carry out a parapsychological experiment. You really should be teamed up with a parapsychologist. Where is Caroline Watt?

  123. Thaddeus says:

    Okay, yesterday I got an impression of the picture so concrete and precise it startled me. This morning, I didn’t get any really clearly defined impressions. The difference between yesterday and today is that yesterday, I was woken up by your “time to vote” tweet, and thus was still in a state of mild sedation and deep relaxation. Today I work up very early, and was quite preoccupied with the events of the day. I believe there is a corollary. My hypothesis is that a relaxed, unoccupied mind will be able to view more readily than one that is very alert and distracted. I encourage you to try a study alongside a physician where you are able to sedate subjects slightly to see if they can improve their remote viewing ability.

  124. sue mackey says:

    I find that the photos are only showing a very small/narrow view. For instance today is showing a railway arch. I am seeing arch shapes and whats behind and around them.. Its really hard to pick a photo when the view is narrower than what Richards eyes are looking at, so I think your results would be affected

  125. Jan says:

    YAY. Got it right. All I saw was kind of an isolated hill (and I knew, it wasn’t). When I saw the photoselection, it became clear.

    The challenge as I see it, is, as soon as you start opening up to get impressions I get flooded. To distill something valuable is the trick (not ‘getting’ something).

  126. […] trial two I was sitting in the middle of a playground, but the group thought I was standing at the foot of a […]

  127. Cattle Barriers…

    […]Where was Wiseman? Trial 2 results « Richard Wiseman[…]…

  128. foreclosure in california deed in lieu of foreclosure…

    […]Where was Wiseman? Trial 2 results « Richard Wiseman[…]…

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