Remote Viewing Trial 1 – The answer….


OK, the voting options were…


and the actual target was D….



129 comments on “Remote Viewing Trial 1 – The answer….

  1. cat says:

    what were the pictures we had to choose from again?!

  2. Anise76 says:

    Hmmm… interesting… got it right!

  3. giiid says:

    Were you on top of the building, or standing at the ground?

  4. donna_m says:

    haha. i was so far off its incredible.

  5. Lafayette says:

    Hehe – On Friday he will reveal that this has in fact been a test on change blindness all along…

  6. Christopher says:

    Uh.. that’s what I meant to click! Yeah..

  7. wetwebwork says:

    big fail for me. will try with tin foil hat off next time.

  8. Aaron Golas says:

    Wow, I got it right! You can end the experiment now. Clearly I’m psychic.

  9. iescience says:

    I think I got that one by accident. It had the closest “feeling” to what I visualized (mountain, open air, sky). Will be interesting to see statistical results.

    • paradox777 says:

      you werent even close…it was a building…you must be looking at the example question. Hahaha…

  10. Mcommand says:

    Where is the rest of the picture? Its a building.

  11. Nicki says:

    I didn’t choose that one but my original description matches one of the other pictures which in itself freaked me out!

  12. Jessica says:

    I got it right! Yay go me!

  13. danielles333 says:

    This was my first choice and I didn’t go with it…ha..always go with your gut.

  14. I was very wrong. If you are still in Edinburgh later Richard, fancy a pint lol πŸ™‚

  15. Serial Insomniac says:

    Oops. Totally wrong. Epic fail!

  16. Tammy says:

    OK, heres the wierd thing – this is pretty much spot on what I was seeing YESTERDAY – how on earth?

    • Mike says:

      Interestingly, I didn’t hear about this experiment until today, when I saw an article with the tweet that the we should “go vote now”. So I closed my eyes and concentrated for a moment and what I saw in my mind immediately I later found out was yesterday’s target.

      With remote viewing, time is irrelevant. Remote viewers like Joe McMoneagle will tell you that….

  17. Geek Goddess says:

    I had guessed a high rise, but in a gray overcast day. That would count as a hit, right?

  18. Saryp says:

    Phew, am quite relieved i was way off. Got a bit freaked when i twittered that i saw a blue fence and then a blue fence was one of the options :S

    • Tammy says:

      Well I do think there are some weird cross overs here – perhaps Richard should not be the one to photo the decoys or see them before they are posted?

  19. I choose another pic that had less sunshine on it. because today it was sunny and i wanted to choose wrong because don’t believe in psychic abilities.

  20. Phil Hook says:

    I actually doodled columns and a vaulted style ceiling….the nearest picture was the car park so selected that. Oh well another day tomorrow πŸ™‚

  21. madge says:

    Cool! I got it right. Well I picked the right one. Didn’t have much in common with my “vision” (no street trees or cars) but I did “sense” beige/pink concrete.Must phone Oprah and see if she will sign me up : )

    • Anise76 says:

      I had a feeling of beige blocks and an urban environment, so was surprised to see anything like that there at all!

  22. Steve says:

    Got it. I knew it had blue sky in it.

  23. grthink says:

    I with Tammy — this is very close to what I saw yesterday.

  24. Infotangent says:

    Cool, I was right! I’m still not psychic, but I was right!

  25. Um, that’s exactly what I felt, that you were “Surrounded by trees, on a rocky road.” It was very metaphorical, though. The windows, which each show a small piece of life but merge into a conglomerate whole, represent the trees of the foresty place. The concrete of the building represents the rocky road we walk to success.

    I guess I got it dead on.

  26. Marsh says:

    If you squint it KINDA looks like a field of corn with a scarecrow, a wooden fence and a stile… at least I was correct in saying you were specifically not near to water, I count that as a partial win… haha

  27. Jill Horsman says:

    Didn’t get the chance to choose from the pics, but put in my twitter (posted about 3.14) sky-scraper, clouds, dusty, city, traffic – so pretty close (except for the traffic).

  28. KC Hunt says:

    I drew C exactly. I think there might be interference from having the target picture adjacent to other pictures.

  29. Claire says:

    Got it wrong!
    BUT I was quite freaked out as I tweeted that I thought he was in a car park, because I could see lots of grey and shade. So maybe I have psychic powers for knowing what images Richard will upload lol (I’m joking by the way. I know I’m not psychic!)

  30. Tom Smith says:

    What is that building though? I got “newspapers”… and this

    • It is the University of Edinburgh’s new Informatics building (or one that remarkably resembles it)

    • Jarak says:

      Looks like Matthew is right. Google search “EH8 9AB Informatics” (without the quotes) and look at the map in street view πŸ™‚

  31. egomaniac says:

    WOW.. I’m right! Maybe just coincidence.. lol

  32. Ultra_ says:

    Got it right πŸ™‚

  33. Sander says:

    Failure is mine.

  34. mikeyq6 says:

    Wow, so completely wrong! Was really excited cause the image popped into my head really quickly. Guess I’ll go back to bending spoons…

  35. lakritze says:

    My Β»visionΒ« wasn’t among the photos, so I chose this, Obviously, my psychic abilities are playing tricks on me. πŸ˜€

  36. I got it right! Now to predict the lottery numbers!

  37. Sarah says:

    Blimey, that’s a bit spooky.

  38. SteveW says:

    I wrote down “woods – my favourite location.” and a bit later, “Colour blue.”. I dis a sketch which had a similar composition (shapes and angles) to A, but the content was very much that of B, vertical lines, trees, a path or roadway.
    So I got it wrong, but felt pretty sure about TWO of the decoy images!

  39. Jason says:

    Another psychic skeptic here, nailed it. I’ve got a better record than Patricia Putt!

    Can I put “Psychic with 100% success rate” on my business cards now, since I’ve never done one of these before?

  40. Steve Hunter says:

    Hazzah! I got it right! Well maybe I am psychic, or maybe it weas just a lucky guess πŸ™‚ I must admit I did see a white building with windows up the middle! I also saw it surrounded by trees on a sunny day though lol

  41. Jeff says:

    I was not even close – couldn’t see the building for the trees.

  42. Hester says:

    I got two pictures in one..Ha, bad feng shui iΒ΄ll sue you Prof Wiseman πŸ™‚

  43. Kraven says:

    glass, seats, a curb, like a cafe, cool brisk air today, newspaper, coffee or tea

    that is what I twittered, at least the glass was right, not sure about the other stuff, wish we could see more of the site.

  44. m says:

    I got it right. But this doesn’t prove it works. I thught I saw trees and a brook off ot the left side.

  45. Showeda says:

    Ummm…I thought you said you would be clearly visible with date and time showing..CLEARLY you were stuck on the roundabout thingy in the black car trying to get your digi cam to work…Which is what I saw…Feel a bit duped…But shall plough on…Don’t know if I can make tomorrow’s expt got an appt @ 2pm, might not be back…Do any of you who are psychic, know if I’ll be back in time for tomorrow’s test???…Oh and btw, I can’t

  46. Showeda says:

    Ummm…I thought you said you would be clearly visible with date and time showing..CLEARLY you were stuck on the roundabout thingy in the black car trying to get your digi cam to work…Which is what I saw…Feel a bit duped…But shall plough on…Don’t know if I can make tomorrow’s expt got an appt @ 2pm, might not be back…Do any of you who are psychic, know if I’ll be back in time for tomorrow’s test???…Oh and btw, I can’t twitter on mobile because bloody predictive texting

  47. Showeda says:

    Ummm…I thought you said you would be clearly visible with date and time showing..CLEARLY you were stuck on the roundabout thingy in the black car trying to get your digi cam to work…Which is what I saw…Feel a bit duped…But shall plough on…Don’t know if I can make tomorrow’s expt got an appt @ 2pm, might not be back…Do any of you who are psychic, know if I’ll be back in time for tomorrow’s test???…Oh and btw, I can’t twitter on mobile because bloody predictive texting sooo gets on my nerves…Double whammy…Neither me, nor my phone psychic…Gutted!

    So, just in case…Tomorrow, will involve red and white…Positive!!

  48. foxrafer says:

    I don’t know if it means a thing but how cool that I got it right.

  49. Steve says:

    I was dead wrong. There were 2 pictures that reminded me of my mental image and I chose one of them. This was neither.

    On the other hand, my free-form description did include the word “pillars” and also indicated it might be a museum or library. It mentioned a bunch of other stuff but we’ll just ignore that for the sake of brevity. So, if I were feeling particularly self-deluded, I might be able to convince myself that was a “partial hit”. After all, the world of psychic phenomena can’t be constrained by draconian, narrow-minded concepts like “agreed-upon conditions”, “rules” and “reality”, right?

  50. Showeda says:

    Sorry, about leaving so many messages…Computer trying to be psychic

  51. EmilyT says:

    Almost picked that one. Didn’t because it wasn’t grey enough LOL (wanted to keep with what I’d described). That was closer to what I described but not colour and it’s tight in so I have no idea whether I was anywhere near on anything other than “high rise building”!

  52. Showeda says:

    And another thing…Maybe…You should count as a success anyone who mentioned key words relating to any of the 5 images posted…Surely that’s enough untrained psychic ability to be going on with…I’m clutching at straws tweops…Although not metaphorical straws…’insanecarbonbasedlif’???


  54. Ben Coultry says:

    Damnit. that was my first answer and like an idiot I changed it for some reason.

  55. Ben Coultry says:

    @emily t: ME TOO, SAME REASON!

  56. Paul White says:

    My first answer because it looked like my drawing, but second guessed myself and chose the columns instead.

  57. Ben Coultry says:

    This is how annoying I am, and I bet if we could’ve seen more of the scene more of us would’ve picked to right photo…
    My original tweet:
    BenInNy@RichardWiseman on sidewalk in city, moderate traffic.about 3 hours ago from web in reply to RichardWiseman

    And yet for some reason I picked “E” – hmph.

  58. joanne says:

    Hi folks

    I don’t think the building is the correct picture because if you see in his blog he says ‘the picture is to the left’, which is the country one.

  59. stuart says:

    looks like I got it too!

    White concrete facade building, on tree lined street, blue sign out front

    When I saw that a building was a choice on the voting page I was excited. Seeing that it was the “winner” was amazing.

    I bought a remote viewing course a few years ago and never studied it. I think I’ll have to revisit it!

    Thanks Richard!

  60. paula c says:

    I didn’t pick the right picture, but I described one of the pictures to a t.

  61. edwin says:

    Nice, I have chosen the right
    picture. Thought of square area
    with much stones (bricks)sun and water.

  62. T says:

    I thought you were in Edinburgh, but the pictures meant absolutely nothing to me, so I picked the wrong picture.

    Have you considered that there your participants are from all over the world, and that this may affect your results?

  63. cam says:

    I was wrong but not a surprise to

  64. craig says:

    cool, got it correct, I even twittered a comment before it published to say it was a tall image that was darkish, I think this was fairly correct.

  65. AxaliaN says:

    I said some kind of city scape and a triangular or pyramid form. I can see how that works in this picture.

  66. lakritze says:

    How many people have participated, by the way?

  67. Jason Reynolds says:

    Not to bad for first time at a controlled experiment. These were what I sent while in the 30 minute timeframe:

    see some path or “corridor” going from the left to the right up to the structure. idea of bricks on right, more like square

    also have an idea of a swingset to the left of the viewing area. Don’t know why that would be, but see that in distance.

    don’t twitter ever, so hope this is coming through. structure looks like there is light on upper left of it.

    looks like something slightly ot the right and either elevated or on a hill. makes me think of skyscraper, but is not.

    Other than the Swingset, it was a close match, and I did guess correct. I don’t know what bothers me more, the fact that I was able to guess that close, or the fact that I am in the United States trying to guess where someone is sitting on a bench in the UK. Guess a broken clock is right at least twice a day, lol. Either way, won’t be able to participate tomorrow because of meetings, so will try to get back in on this Thursday.
    Thanks for the experiment.

  68. Misty says:

    I got it right this time.

  69. stargate says:

    Got it right; but only because I figured you probably wouldn’t have been able to get internet access in any of the other locations.

    • Dripfeed says:

      People are able to access the internet from or via mobile telephones, here in the early 21st century.

  70. claire says:

    am really pleasantly surprised!

    first thing i got the impression of was of sky… started thinking of new york a lot so i was thinking of tall buildings (okay this isnt that tall but anyway!) and then sunlight reflecting off windows!

    i never usually get this stuff right!

  71. J Frank Anastasio says:

    Oooooo!!!!! soooo close.. I voted C.
    For some reason, I thought of Stonehenge. Soooo I went the with pic that was closest looking to it. πŸ™‚

  72. KatM says:

    You have picked the wrong time of day for this experiment. Anyone who is collecting children from school and possesses an ancient mobile phone is excluded, i.e. Me.

  73. Dale says:

    I’ve never tried remote viewing before, and it was an interesting experience. I twittered, “Outside, vertical post, window, diamond shape”. But, I chose “E” instead of “D”. Notice the diamond pattern in the building photo, and the posts near the bottom. I was confident about my choice of “E”, but in retrospect… Anyway, what Richard is looking for is the group effect, not an individual’s performance. It will be interesting to see if there is any positive or negative correlation to the actual location and the group’s choices. On a personal level, I’m encouraged that there may be something to this remote viewing…

  74. Max says:

    I view remotely

  75. Very close. I chose C. Will recalibrate the psychic radar this eventing and endeavour to home in on the correct location tomorrow!

  76. Simon says:

    Got C a little bit off, I was going for D, but C looked a little more like you would photograph something random…

  77. pongogirl says:

    Maybe mine was a lucky guess – actually was thinking of a church. We will see as the experiment progresses…

  78. @ppsychicsarah says:

    wwhy not just accept that psychic ability actually DOES exist….it DOES! A good fun way to prove it though…good luck! @psychicsarah on twitter X

    • Icepick says:

      You’re right. Let’s do that!

      Sure, and we can just accept that chiropractic medicine can cure AIDs, the world is flat, we are controlled by the positions of stars when we’re born and aliens are responsible for us leading a less than fulfilling life. Anything else you want to believe in without benefit of evidence or reason?

  79. zeospike says:

    First!! Oh wait that’s Digg isn’t it. Sorry.

  80. Mike says:

    Well, I just felt it…

  81. Icepick says:

    I must be totally psychic, I tweeted that I thought of bookshelves like a library. Then I saw D and thought it looked the most like bookshelves. I was correct. The only way I could be any more tuned in to the cosmic continuum is if that building IS a library.

    I now believe in everything. Visitations by aliens, pyramid power, homeopathy, therapeutic touch, dousing,… I’m even going to start buying Airborne.

  82. I got it completely wrong. But then, I knew I would…

  83. Mike says:

    I like the premise of using the knowledge of crowds, but the crowd is only on the receiving end of the ‘message’ in this expiriment. If the ‘sender’ of the ‘message’ does not have the ability to send or is doing it wrong, the whole amassed crowd of receivers is wasted.

    I would like to see a crowd of people sending with a different crowd receiving. I would be anxious to see if that changed any of the results of the experiment.

  84. rok says:

    i my mind a had picture of you standing on the top of the bilding (similar as flat on the capture D) and i saw you looking something like on picture C. so i vote for C πŸ˜›

  85. renate says:

    i was right:D

  86. Martijn says:

    It’s shopped, i can see! πŸ˜›

    Anyway, first idea was D and so was the answer.
    I’d love to see the stats, please.

  87. Ben Waddington says:

    Got a very close “impression” (guess)… of the car park. I’m going to claim a direct hit.

  88. pffli says:

    Wow! One fifth of the comments claim they got it right! And even they could be lying. Are you sure you weren’t followed? Make sure to send out the decoy Richards tomorrow…

  89. Phronk says:

    I got a perfect amazingly accurate hit of the wrong one. πŸ™‚

    I blogged about today’s session, and the experiment in general, if Dr. Wiseman or anyone else is interested:

  90. angel says:

    😦 I missed the tweet re the first trail! Are they going to be daily? Hope I catch the next one…

  91. Damo says:

    I tweeted “You’re in a classroom” and guessed the right picture. Pretty sure it’s coincidence, but will try again tomorrow.

  92. Psychic_Weed says:

    Here’s the link to my relevant post to the GoodReads “Cognitive Dissidents” Group:

    & here’s an excerpt:

    Here’re my Remote Viewing tweets:

    “Plastic construction barrels w/ ridges & stripes. Hole in street. Noise. Intersection w/ more than 2 streets crossing. Buildings”

    “The buildings are somewhat ornate & 3 stories or more tall. The intersection may be a roundabout or something similar to one.”

    “Wiseman is watching from a place to his right of what I’ve just described – perhaps a sidewalk.”

    Wiseman then had people vote on wch of 5 fotos represented what people imagined. I picked photo C b/c it was of a roundabout w/ a hole in the middle. Interestingly, it was of a type of roundabout that I don’t recall ever having seen before. This was an incorrect choice. The CORRECT choice was photo D – of a bldg larger than 3 stories. To see these fotos go to:

    & then here’s what I commented on Wiseman’s blog:

    “June 2, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    Psychic_Weed Says:

    Interestingly, my tweets describing the imagined place mentioned a hole in a roundabout surrounded by buildings taller than 3 stories. Picture C is of a hole in a roundabout AND PICTURE D (the correct one) is of a building taller than 3 stories. I voted for picture C & was, therefore, wrong – HOWEVER, my tweet description cd be considered more correct if one considers the possibility that I was Remote Viewing the PICTURES rather than the locations. I believe there may be some precedent for this type of thing in psychic research.”

  93. MedMunky says:

    I saw large upright grey rectangles, and chose A. After seeing D, almost chose it, with the rectangles and all, but the color of A struck me more. Guess I’m not psychic after all o_o

  94. Tom Windsor says:

    The experiment is different to what I expected, I thought that you were going to different towns and cities around the country rather than buildings and things.

  95. When I focused in, first I saw a strong vertical element, with about a 130 degree angle at the top, and part way down, I could see a big disc, and to the left of that, some green shrubs. Then, when given the opportunity to vote, I found that none of the pictures seemed correct, and then again, three of them were correct. I’d like the options of “None of the Above” and “All of the Above” to be added.

  96. Also, it would be really handy to see a picture of Mr. Wiseman’s timepiece, because I think that was floating in and out of my reading as well. I’d like to get that out of the mix, please.

  97. Chris Higgins says:

    I posted my thoughts to twitter during the experiment.

    Grey and brown, outside, tall, old.

    Then chose building D. Cool! I’m not psychic though…

  98. Venom says:


    I was wrong (I picked up the parking). Dam it! LOL

    With Skepticality,

  99. rm says:

    The fact is you should know

  100. MLC says:

    I drew a sketch of it before the choices were posted and about an hour before the “go” was sent. I was right on. I knew I could do this but I did not think it would be that close. Looking forward to the rest of the trial.

  101. Andrew Usher says:

    Hi there,
    Although this is being pushed as a remote viewing experiment, it strikes me (as the owner of UK Remote Viewing) that this experiment is devoid of any RV protocol or methodology, hence really rendering it not a would we would class as an RV experiment, unlike the controlled trial we have run and are running.

    It would be beneficial to clarify what you mean Richard, by Remote Viewing, do you mean as in the military style protocol, or do you mean accessing information non locally.

    Andrew Usher

    • Richard Wiseman says:

      Hi Andrew
      Thanks fort he comment. I am using the term RV in the very general sense – simply the alleged ability to psychically access a remote location. I know that the military use selected participants and a v particular procedure, so clearly not testing that claim!

  102. Joanna says:

    Oooooooo! I guessed that one….althought to be fair I was drawn to the greenery for a while. Also I felt deeply that it was this one, but was going to ignore the feeling and go for the green one because I thought this one was to obvious!! Just goes to show you should go with instinct first.

  103. crowjon says:

    All I got after the pre-viwing mistake of trees was images of a building and that was very strong! Because my image was mostly grey and selected C instead of D

  104. hmmm_tea says:

    Do we get to find out what the results of the vote were?

  105. Beverly says:

    The strong geometric elements of both the fence and the building were a problem for me. I had a hard time at the end deciding which one fit my image better and realized it was D, the building because the strong linear form I saw was interspersed with space.

    In defense of those who saw green though, I’m willing to bet that building was next to a green expanse and Richard was standing in the green expanse while either taking the photo, or standing at the target location waiting to be read.

  106. Amilia says:

    “C” and “D” were SO similar to my impressions of height and airy structure. Had to decide between them – I chose “C” because it depicted BEING at a height, rather than looking at something tall. I chose wrong, but I think I was on track!

  107. Tim says:

    I chose D and got it right but the picture in the results was different.

  108. laane says:

    Wow! I was right.

    No wonder my kids tell me over and over again I know everything. LOL!

  109. […] the group were psychic, the majority would vote for the correct target. In the first trial I was looking up at a striking, modern-looking building. Unfortunately, the group voted for some […]

  110. Yvonne says:

    I am a beginner RVer so I need help with my situation. I would like my case to be posted for the RVers here. Our darling little pet, Speckles, is missing, and we urgently need to find her. I need help to pinpoint her location, and get her home.

    I can send info via my email. Will you help me? I will be so grateful.

    Thank you,

  111. linda says:

    Wow, i got it really close. I saw you standing in the right lower corner infront of a structure that looked something like a paralleogram, or, the Eifel Tower, with the levels showing, or something like an open standing ladder.
    The picture in my mind was in a simple version, exactly the same.

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