What do you see when you look at this?


Rob Jenkins has just sent me this lovely optical illusion. What is the first thing you see when you look at this?


I am all curious to discover if men and women see the picture differently, so please say whether you are male or female and what you saw when you first encountered the image….


269 comments on “What do you see when you look at this?

  1. Sander says:

    Male, and I saw the book first. I’m ashamed.

    • Erik says:

      I saw the boobs first. I’m a male. When I read some comments and saw that some of you saw a book, I really had to concentrate to see it. I swear!

  2. blair says:

    I did see an opened book first, followed very very quickly by the second interpretation…

    I’m a male for the record.

  3. KW says:

    I must say I see breasts first, and then folded sheets of paper.


  4. Dee says:

    female, I see a book… but could it be a va-jay-jay and legs?? I don’t see it but am assuming. 🙂

  5. Serial Insomniac says:

    I am a (straight) female, and I first saw breasts. But shortly thereafter, I spotted the book, and now feel a bit daft!

  6. Chris H says:

    Yeah, I confess. Boobs. For a fraction of a second. Then a book.

  7. Karthi says:

    I saw book first. Is it ok?

  8. Frank says:

    At first glance, first thing that came to mind was cleavage partially covered by a gown. But on closer inspection, it turns out to be the leaves of an open book. The flesh tone of the paper threw me off. I’m a guy, by the way.

  9. Nicola Wray says:

    Female…. saw a fabulous bustier first, then cleavage, then book… so I guess my immediate thought was about shopping?! lol

  10. Frank says:

    Book first, then breasts. Ashamed male. Been studying too hard.

  11. Jenny says:

    Female – saw the book first.

  12. Sian says:

    Female, saw a book, then the cleavage.

  13. katy says:

    I saw the book first followed quickly by the breasts. I am a female. And straight.

  14. Tadas says:

    Male, first of all I saw breasts, then the book 🙂

  15. Erik Jeppsson says:

    Boobs for a sec then a wordless book.

  16. male, i saw boobs first, didn’t see a book until I saw someone else mention it.

  17. Michael Gray says:

    Breasts, followed by an open book, (around 1-2 seconds later)

  18. Jenny Dangerously says:


    I saw boobs and then realized the boobs had pages.. therefore making it a book.

  19. Peter Leonard says:

    I’m male and saw the book. Sadly, I didn’t see anything else, try as I may, until after I’d read the comments to discover what I’d missed…

  20. elle says:

    I am female, saw the bust first then the book – but since my browser is always half-sized for screen constraints couldn’t see the spine of the book at first glance, which accounts for the difference I think.

  21. NiroZ says:

    I saw the breasts first. But I was expecting to see something like that, as the text loaded before the image. I slowly worked out that it was a book after about 15 seconds.

  22. Kevin says:

    Male. Boobs, then book very soon after

  23. Rob says:


    Boobs immediately. Then I had to work to see anything else.

  24. Jill Murphy says:

    Saw the decolletage first and only saw the book after reading other people’s replies.

  25. Mike G says:

    I am male and I saw the book, had to get a hint from the comments to see the breasts.

  26. Milton says:

    5 glorious seconds of breasts followed by a good book. Guilty male.

  27. Hyanur says:

    book at first – male

  28. White Rabbit says:

    Sign, male and I saw the book first.

    I did note the second interpretation fairly quickly afterward though.

  29. Chrissie says:

    I saw a book. Well, actually I first thought it was two rolls of paper, then I thought it might be a book.

    Having read down the comments here, I still can’t see the breasts!


  30. Neil says:

    I am male and the first thing I saw was breasts. Shortly after I saw a blank book.

  31. Matthew Wilkes says:

    (Male) I’m pretty sure I saw a book first but followed very quickly by boobs, did a second take and confirmed book. Interesting

  32. AdamJTP says:

    Three males here.
    Bosom, bra and knockers.

  33. Andy Beale says:

    Male, 42 I saw a book first then I thought it was two rolls of paper, then boobs. Is something wrong with me?

  34. Dominic says:

    Male, boobs for a second, then book.

  35. Frankie says:

    Female – saw the cleavage first, then the book – I wonder whether there’s a male/female thing to seeing one first or a sexuality thing?

  36. Kevin says:

    Book -> boobs

    If only all books did that.


  37. clementineb says:

    Female. I saw the book first, then soon after the breasts.
    But tbh, when you’re not blessed with such a beautiful cleavage it’s not something you’re used to seeing that much 😀

  38. Andrew says:


  39. Muadgib says:

    I’m a male masculine manly type dude and I saw boobs… Predictably…

  40. SionH says:

    Boobs, then the badly folded paper.


  41. Male, early thirties, near end of busy day, blank book pages.

  42. Tim says:

    Male – boobs first, book quickly second.

  43. Rick says:

    I saw the book first, and had to look a couple minutes more since you had mentioned what do you see.. finally saw the cleavage and then realized it was cleavage and not a book since the spine doesn’t go all the way up 🙂

  44. Rick says:

    Oh male btw

  45. Victor Meldrew says:


  46. Alison says:

    Female, cleavage then book about 0.1 seconds after!

  47. Neil Jenkins says:

    My brother’s called Rob Jenkins. It wasn’t him, was it?

    I’m male and at first I saw a woman’s breast cleavage, then literally a second later saw it as an open book. I guess the first impression (i.e. before my brain attempts to come up with a civilised answer!) counts, right?

  48. Gib says:

    I saw boobies.

  49. scibuff says:

    male, immediately saw a book … even after reading the comments, i have to try really hard to see breasts (basically with my eyes half closed focusing to a more distance point …)

  50. Male. I saw boobies, the book a fraction of a second later.

  51. JonB says:

    Male – I saw cleavage

  52. uksceptic says:


    When the picture first came up for a split second I saw cleverage but then as it came into focus it was obviously a book.

    Now I have been coming on here for a while I wonder if your comment beforehand influences what I am expecting to see?

    As soon as you said what do you see when you see this I am expecting to see an illusion so I look for the unusual first without just looking at the picture objectively. Maybe I am over thinking it?

  53. cam says:

    I saw cleavage and would not have seen the book if someone had not mentioned it.


  54. John Wilson says:

    Book first, took me a moment to see the cleavage. Male.

  55. uksceptic says:

    I don’t really understand this story but I do know about coincidences.

    The problem with something utterly extraordinary happening to someone that ‘seems like telepathy’ or fate or something is that we only ever tend to cherry pick the evidence.

    For example if I am thinking of someone and they then call me on the phone I might think that this was a premonition, however I would be cherry picking this evidence as significant and discounting all the times that I have thought of someone and they haven’t called.

    There are billions of people on the planet, even if the chances of ‘something’ happening is extremely unlikely say a million to one, it is still happening to someone on this planet all the time, that is the probability of large numbers.

    When one of these seemingly impossible events happen to us we over exaggerate their significance and ignore all the days/conversations/events where something didn’t happen.

    If you think about it what would be more surprising would be if we NEVER encountered any strange coincidences or premonition.

    Hope that helps a little!

  56. Adrian says:

    Boobs first then book shortly after. Male.

  57. Jan Scott says:

    Female. Cleavage first with small picture then as soon as zoomed in then book.

  58. Tanja Roßmann-Bloeck says:

    female-cleavage first, than in an instant the book

  59. Anonymous says:

    Male. Cleavage.

    Then I actually read the title and realised what it was straight away.

  60. Kim says:

    I saw female breasts first, and yes, I’m a male. Took me quite a while to see the book :p

  61. lakritze says:

    Female. Saw cleavage, wondered a little about the bodice. Then (much later) I saw the book.

  62. Matt Joy says:

    Male. Instantaneous breasts, immediately followed by book. Then tried to see it as breasts again…

  63. jazzwerewolf says:

    cleavage and then after about ten seconds of looking for another interpretation, the book. I’m male.

  64. Thomas says:

    Mail, Book

  65. Thomas says:

    Male, Book

  66. James says:

    Male – I saw cleavage first. After a couple of seconds the book “appeared”.

  67. alexander says:

    male – saw cleavage, quite 5 secs later I saw the book

  68. Craig says:

    Male – (and a ‘boob man’). However – saw the book first… perhaps I’m a ‘book man’…

  69. Claire says:

    Female- book first!
    Had to really look hard to see it was cleavage!

  70. Jeff says:

    Male, book. I had to look at at for a bit before seeing the other interpretation.

  71. Digitalgoldfish says:

    Boobs then book – male

  72. Arno says:

    Male, and yes, this time I definitely saw the breasts first.

  73. panka says:


    Cleavage then book, seems to me that most people saw boobs first. It might be because:

    a, we are hardwired for recognising boobs by evolution
    b, people don’t expect to see a picture of an empty book on your blog 😉
    c, we all have dirty minds and no amount of reading will change that

  74. Mona says:

    Books then breasts.


  75. Cindy says:

    This female saw a book first, then cleavage.

  76. William says:

    Male, seeing boobs. And i’m not even going to try to see anything else 🙂

  77. Matt says:


    Saw cleavage first, book, butt, and then book again.

  78. Christine says:

    female – saw the book first, then the cleavage

  79. LawnBoy says:

    Straight Male.

    Décolletage first, book second.

  80. Smylers says:

    Labelling it as an optical illusion distorts things: I gave it more attention than a typical illustration, specifically looking for a trick, or multiple interpretations.

    Perhaps a more realistic test (the next time you get an image like this) is to put it at the top of a blog entry that’s about something else … then at the bottom of that entry, several paragraphs later, ask people if they noticed the image and what they thought it was.

  81. Publius says:


    Cleavage first, then only because I knew that I should be looking for something else I saw the book.

  82. EmilyT says:

    Female, book first. Didn’t get anything else until reading the comments – I have no imagination today, too tired!

  83. Telophase says:

    Female. Book. Of course, I’m also a librarian, which might skew my perceptions. 🙂

  84. Venom says:

    Décolletage first, book second.

    Straight Male.

  85. Bluebeard says:

    Male. Saw an open book for the first time, but books seldom open like this, so folded sheets of paper. After looking for associations: it could be female buttocks, legs missing, actually cut off, and the section transformed into an open book, like a Dali-painting…

  86. NotACat says:

    Boobs then book.


    I could attempt to scuttle out from under by pleading smudges on my glasses, or glare from the sunshine through the window, but I won’t.

    I could also note that any time someone says “What do you see when you look at this?” I’m braced for some kind of double entendre, and was not at all disappointed this time around.

  87. Alison says:

    I saw breasts, I’m femail, what does that say about me??!!

  88. Katy says:

    female – book

  89. Nikodemus says:

    Male, saw a book. Had to look a fair while to see anything else.

  90. Theresa says:

    female and i saw a book first. took me a hell of a long time to see the boobs.

  91. Kristin says:

    Straight female – cleavage then book in a very short succession.

  92. Garrett says:


    Saw the cleavage and nothing else till I viewed the comments. Still don’t see a book. Folded pages yes, but not a book.

  93. Catherine says:

    Female – book, no question

  94. jody says:

    Male. Cleavage.

  95. me says:

    female – cleavage!

  96. Murray says:

    Male – saw a book first, and only after I started looking closely at the top of the picture and the continuous (ie not cleft) look of the top portion did the cleavage idea hit.

  97. I’m a fella. I saw an open book, first and second. It wasn’t until I reread the post that I said, “What else am I supposed to be… oh. Right.”

    And yes, I’m straight, and mostly healthy. Just prudish in spite of myself, I guess.

  98. Rico says:

    People, what does straight/gay have to do with it? Male or female, we’re all breastfed. 😉

  99. grthink says:

    Male, and saw a pair of breasts first, then the book. I don’t know if it’s better or worse that I realised it was a book only because I was trying to work out how the patterning on the ‘dress’ worked?

  100. sukascot says:

    Female. Instant boobies, followed by a book (but probably only due to the top left open page, or I doubt I’d have re-focused).

  101. Hal says:

    Female. Cleavage at first but almost instantly followed by a book. However, my mind continued on to builders bum (albeit a very dainty one!!)

  102. Alan says:

    Male. Cleavage.

  103. Vern says:

    Male. Book. Then again, I’m a bookish type.
    Didn’t give it a second thought until you called attention to it being an optical illusion. Then I got the cleavage.

  104. Plain_Gillian says:

    Female… book

  105. Nicola says:

    I’m female and saw breats then read the instrcutions, then saw a book!

  106. Drew says:

    Male; book, then butt crack, then boobs…

  107. KatM says:

    Female. Sheets of folded paper, but being aware it was an illusion very quickly after saw breasts.

  108. Leon says:

    I must say I see breasts first, and then a book 🙂


  109. Bastian says:

    Male – breasts at first glance, then sheets of paper folded to look like breasts once I noticed the details.

  110. einalem says:

    I first saw breasts, then saw that the details didn’t fit (because of the structure of the ‘pages’) and couldn’t make anything of the picture. Saw the book after reading the other comments, but then saw that the details didn’t fit for a book either (because of the way the cleft is drawn).


  111. Male – saw the book first.

  112. Stunt_girl says:

    Almost as quickly as my eyes scanned down over the image I saw breasts first then an open book. As the colour of the paper is like flesh and as it changes to pink towards the bottom, it’s clearly deliberately meant to lead you like that!

    I’m female

  113. Wat ziet u? says:

    […] More … /* */ /* */ […]

  114. Woolgatherer says:

    I saw two arched wooden (possibly mahogany) doorways roughly at right angles to each other, with a bit of curved plaster wall/ceiling in between. At around about the same time I thought: ah, they’re supposed to look a bit like breasts, but they’re obviously not. And then I saw the folded paper. I’m female.

  115. Sara says:

    I’m female and I saw cleavage. That sounds like the intro for some self-help group.

  116. The image was immediately arousing… clean pages that we have the opportunity to fill with our thoughts and impressions. No idea what else anyone could possibly see. Like Freud said, sometimes a book is just a book.

    And I have to say that as an experiment in gender differences, this is not so controlled, given that we have come to expect this sort of smut. 😉

  117. Rich says:

    Yeah, I saw cleavage… then the book. I’m a male, guess it’s expected. sometime i look down at my own knuckles and see boobies 😉

  118. Sarah says:

    boobs then book


  119. TurboFool says:

    Definitely saw cleavage out of my peripheral vision, but it quickly clarified to a book. I can still easily see both, though, even when paying direct attention. It’s truly amazing composition. Better than the well-known lamp/crotch illusion which pretty much STAYS resolved once out of your peripheral vision.

  120. eupator says:

    Cleavage for about a quarter of second, then a book. I am unable to see the tits again, despite the fact that the book is not very realistic (especially the fold). Scrolling or defocusing doesn’t help. I am an adult male, I like tits, and I read a lot.

    It is interesting to compare this to https://richardwiseman.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/what-do-you-see-when-you-look-at-this/, where I initially saw a lamp, and was unable to see anything else for about 20 s, until I (non-deliberately) scrolled the page, causing the view to immediately jump to a woman with her legs open. Now I see the lamp by default, but can easily switch to the woman at will. Defocusing doesn’t seem to have much an effect. When scrolling, I see the woman by default, but can switch to the lamp with some effort.

  121. machupiku says:

    Female – but saw boobs first! Had just been complaining about a bra tho’ so may have been my state of mind. Saw book straight after.

  122. Eulalumel says:


    Saw it as book first, then saw it as a corset with cleavage and had a closer look.

    Though I have a headache, so that may have affected things slightly.

  123. BB says:

    Female, Booboids.

  124. Rebecca says:

    Female. I saw the book, and could only see the breasts when I read what I was supposed to see, then went back.

  125. Val says:

    Female, Lesbian.

    I saw breasts then stocking tops and only saw the book when it was pointed out on this thread.

  126. The Nerd says:

    A bum. It was the next image on my feed reader, after a few consecutive nudes. I didn’t realize it wasn’t by the same blogger till I read the title.

  127. Mark says:

    Boobs first for a second, then book. Male.

  128. Stephen Williamson says:

    Saw them both almost simultaneously, but the boobs were first by a hair.

  129. Adam Howard says:

    Male here. I saw the cleavage first, but the book followed about 1 second later.

  130. Steve says:

    Straight Male – Saw the pages and the book first…but then changed my perspective to see a funky bra and cleavage…

  131. Stephen says:


  132. I’m male, and I first saw female breasts. Quickly followed by something else.

    Though most people are seeing breasts and or a book, I didn’t see a book until I started reading the comments. Went back to the photo, puzzled, and had an “oh, yeah!” moment when I saw the pages of a book.

    What I quickly saw after first seeing breasts was two chairs in a corner.

  133. Chris says:

    I first for a fraction of a second saw breasts but was disheartened to learn it was a book.

    And they say books can’t be fun.

  134. Sandy says:

    My first thought was ‘cleavage’ but when I looked closer I realized it’s a book. I’m female.

  135. JMB says:

    Cleavage, then I thought tubes with dark red lids (similar to Pringles), then paper/book.


  136. Jewel says:

    I saw a blank book and then, very quickly, cleavage.


  137. Andrew says:

    male, boobies first, then about 1 second later, the book… bring back the boobies!!

  138. Carlos says:

    Male, 32. Cleavage. I couldn’t even imagine what else there was to see until I started reading the comments. Now I can see the book – if I try really, really hard.

  139. Shelley says:

    I’m female and saw the book first. My partner was looking over my shoulder and he saw the cleavage. He is currently refusing to see the book…

  140. Robin says:

    I’m female, and I saw the book first. It took me awhile to figure out what else I could be seeing.

  141. methodus says:


    i saw the book first. woe is me.

  142. Male; I saw the book immediately. I didn’t see the boobs until I read your remark about saying if you’re male or female.

  143. pixiesmoosh says:

    i saw the book last and i am female

  144. […] What do you see when you look at this? Rob Jenkins has just sent me this lovely optical illusion. What is the first thing you see when you look at this? […]

  145. Beth says:

    I’m a woman and I still can’t see the breasts. It really looks like a book to me. Perhaps I’m just book-obsessed?

  146. wanda says:

    Female. Breasts first but I am bi…

  147. Victor says:

    I’m a man and I saw at first time an open book

  148. lawyermommy says:

    I would have said it was a book.. but since the Internet and media is mostly about women, nakedness and so on.. I would have to say it is cleavage. I mean what else can it be? If you want to peak interest in any thing.. show some female body parts.

    What a yawn!!

  149. Matthias says:

    Definitely saw the cleavage first. Then I saw…

    Two wooden framed chairs sitting in the corner!

    Didn’t see the book until reading what others posted.

  150. Mike says:

    Male. Breasts, then book.

  151. Brian Engler says:

    Male. Cleavage–then an open book.

  152. cooledskin says:

    Female. Book, then later breasts (took a while).

  153. lgcheek says:

    I am a 57 year old Male. I saw an ass with black hose pulled up to the top. Don’t see any breasts…gues I am not a breast man…all ass and legs for me.

  154. ginaray says:

    Female. I thought it was me! Then saw the book.

  155. Holleywood says:

    Male, book second.

  156. Emma says:

    Female, queer, book then breasts. (I guess bibliophilia > sexual orientation.)

  157. Mertens says:

    male, breasts first

  158. mjr256 says:

    I’m male and I saw breasts first.

  159. Tifani says:

    Female: I saw breast first… and I’m an androgynous female!

  160. Julia says:

    Female: Boobies for a split second then a book

  161. Bo Jiang says:

    book, at first sight…

  162. AR says:

    Male. I first saw cleavage, then the book.

  163. Anonymous says:

    Male,breasts first,then a book,………..

  164. Reza says:

    I am a male and I only saw cleavage, I am embarrased to admit.

  165. Amethyst says:

    Saw a cleavage first and thought it was a dress made from nice burgundy coloured velvet then realised it was a book


  166. Michael says:

    Oh ohhhh – male – all I can see is cleavage . . . been looking hard and long . . . still only see cleavage . . . I wanna see the book!

  167. Sinisa says:

    What book are you all talking about? (male)

    (in truth – it took me a second to see it)

  168. Optical Trousers says:

    I’m male. I saw cleavage initially then the pages … but I preferred the cleavage.

  169. schalk says:

    oops, female, and it took very long before I saw a book anyway…

  170. Jaymz says:

    Male and i saw my mother first then the book.

  171. MichaelM says:

    Male–cleavage; she’s holding a book to her chest?

  172. Dave says:

    Boobs first, then book.

  173. vegatee says:

    Female. I saw a book first, then, within less than two seconds, I saw cleavage.

  174. Olivier says:

    Breast, had to look for about 5-10 seconds to see the book… hmm

  175. a3maniac says:

    Female, saw boobies.

  176. Joel says:

    You mean those aren’t breasts…
    I can’t see the pages…
    Lemme look again.
    Nope…breasts 🙂

  177. Kyle says:

    Male, Book first…then breasts

  178. Nazreel says:

    Book. No doubts. I’m female.

  179. undrgrndgirl says:

    female – open book…

  180. Kitsula says:

    Male – I saw a book, didn’t see cleavage until I read the comments and looked at the image again.

  181. Rick says:

    an open book

  182. Burgy says:

    I saw cleavage, then noticed the pages.

    I am male.

  183. Drew Chambers says:

    I saw pages of a book at first, then when the caption said “men and women” I immediately saw a pair of tatas

  184. Drew Chambers says:

    I saw pages of a book at first, then when the caption said “men and women” I immediately saw a pair of tatas. I’m a dude

  185. Judith says:

    I saw a book and did not see breasts until I read in comments then went back and could then see them.

  186. Eshim says:

    Male, Book but I knew the page was looking for something and it honestly looks like a rear end or boobies as well but really looks like a book.

  187. BigDaddy says:

    Straight male, 29 years old. Firstly, I saw a book. Then, after a moment, it appeared to resemble a woman’s cleavage in a dress or corset type attire.

  188. Jase says:

    I am a male and I saw an open book. I can see how some men would think it’s cleavage, but personally, I think it’s a book.

  189. Marti says:


  190. Amy says:

    Saw breasts/gown first, then book. All you guys that saw the book first ARE normal, just need more time with girls that see boobs first :p

  191. paolov says:

    I saw the image at Think Humanism, which then linked to here for us to feedback. Unfortunately the image was part-way down the page, so it appeared by scrolling. This meant that the top of the image emerged before the bottom, obviously making the image appear to be of a woman’s cleavage. As the lower portion of the image scrolled into view the book became apparent.

    I wonder how much the identification of the different aspects of the image is determined by how the image is inspected by the viewer? Do men scan from top to bottom of an image and women scan from bottom to top? Do most people view the centre of the image and then pick up the details nearer the extremities? Perhaps an experiment using video cameras that track eye movements might shed some light on this? Perhaps such experiments have already done so?

    Fascinating stuff…

  192. icecheetah says:

    Female, Book.
    I had a hard time figuring out that the other thing was breasts.

  193. Brazil Nut says:

    Book first followed by cleavage, but almost instantaneously, think the question leads the answer. (a builders arse reared its horrific possibility very briefly too). Male btw

  194. Jac says:

    i’m a woman (and a bookslut just fyi) and i saw da bewbs!

  195. Paul says:

    Male, saw cleavage then pages making it a book in rapid succession.

  196. Mo says:

    Saw cleavage first. I’m female.

  197. Loved says:

    Books, and then boobs after reading the comments. Female here.

  198. that guy in brussels says:

    male. first reaction : wow, a book who looks like boobs.

  199. Me says:

    Male, just saw books. My brain rejects the boob hypothesis (I can see it if I work at it, but my brain clearly thinks it’s a book)

  200. Angelica says:

    Female – saw the cleavage first

  201. me says:

    since i’m a woman of course i saw the cleavage first, (for a fraction of a second) considering i have them. and since i am an educated woman, i saw the book second.

  202. walt says:

    male, i saw an awesome set of tits

  203. livvyjane says:

    Female… I saw an open book.

  204. t'mara says:

    cleavage and an elegant evening gown…then i saw the book. but only because i knew it was a trick and i was looking for what else was in the picture…i thought it was a really great dress. i’m an artist and the human figure features a lot in my work which includes costume. i was a intrigued about what the rest of the dress looked like…

  205. Christine Boudreau says:

    I’m a female. Sad to say I saw boobs first. Then nanoseconds later the book. So disappointed in myself. Anyone know a good therapist?

  206. Ms Moll says:

    Female….saw the book first, but then I’m obsessed with books and not obsessed with boobs!

  207. caleb crome says:

    I’m a male. Saw the book first.
    My son, 8, also saw the book first. Then ‘Butt’.

  208. Lala Lola says:

    Female. I saw a woman with those tasteless “typical prom party” dresses. Then thought about jewelery ad (without jewelery. I didn´t understan) Finally I saw the book and now I think it is a fun effect.

  209. glen says:

    Male. Cleavage.

    But it didn’t look quite right. Probably because it was too flat (you wanted honesty!) Then a book became readily apparent.

  210. karen says:

    I’m female and I definitely see a book. You can’t even convince me it is anything else.

  211. Jeannette says:

    OK, honestly — my first thoughts were “cleavage. a woman’s breasts.” This was before I had scrolled down entirely. Then I thought “open book blank pages.” I am a woman…. I have not looked at the other comments but am curious to do so now!

  212. Lil says:

    female, I saw the book!

  213. marie says:

    I’m a female,i saw the book first,& i had to concetrate to see the boobs!
    what does it mean if one sees book or boobs first??

  214. manigen says:

    I’m male. Out of the corner of my eye, before I looked directly at it, the image looked like breasts. But the moment I actually focused on it, it was obviously a book.

  215. Becky says:

    My first reaction was breasts, but upon closer examination it looks like an open book. I’m a girl.

  216. Mark says:

    For a split second i saw a womans chest, and then the book.
    The wife however only saw a womans chest until she was told it was a book.

  217. Gary says:

    Saw a book first, then as I read the text below the image, the boobs popped out at me. Uh, that is to say, the image transformed to a pair of breasts. I read back from the top, and, although the breast image was a bit stickier, I still saw a book; then breasts. I think for all the guys, it has more to do with how your eyes approach the picture than it does with whether you’ve been recently buried in either books or breasts.

  218. Drtew says:

    Saw the book first. And I’m a gay male. Does that have anything to do with it?

  219. Szaulo says:

    Breasts first. Male.

  220. Male – book – then after wondering where the words were, boobs. Makes me want to sit down for a nice read though…

  221. Z says:

    Boobs for a sec, then book. I focused on the centre of the image first, but when I started looking at the details I saw the book. My eyesight is a quite bad, so it always takes a while before i can focus on something.

  222. jessicaannyeo says:

    Book. I had to try really hard to see breasts. I guess I am a prude?

  223. jessicaannyeo says:

    ps: I am female

  224. Mchl says:

    The picture was loading gradually, so I saw breasts first, then after the bottom was visible – a book.

    Ok… so the loading time had nothing to do it! I would still see boobs if I saw the entire picture at once. ;P

  225. pete says:

    Male: opened book.

  226. w says:

    I saw a pair of bangers. Male.

  227. Only saw cleavage. Didn’t see the book until reading the comments, although I admit I didn’t stare at it very long after seeing the cleavage since I am a girl myself 🙂

  228. Michelle says:

    Saw an open book first. Then the cleavage.

  229. Dan says:

    Male and I saw a book first

  230. Hilary M Jones says:

    I’m a straightish female. I can only see boobs! :o)

  231. donna_m says:

    cleavage instantly, followed by book a few seconds later -female

  232. duayt says:

    book, male. then i realized there must be another image

  233. santa says:

    book. I’m male and straight. I had to look and say “boobs.? how is that boobs?”

  234. tribade034 says:

    I’m a female, lesbian. At the first second I saw the boobs, but very quickly (one or two seconds later) I saw the book.

  235. marv says:

    male, firstly I saw boobs, but almost in the same time I noticed that this is just a book.

  236. jean says:

    Boobs first. But I’m not sure if I had the full picture yet (scrolled down enough). It felt like only the slightest moment though until I saw the book.

    Female, recently gay.

    I initally assumed that the men would all instantly see boobs. But that was based on sex. If it’s primarily women seeing it first is it because we can see ourselves rather than something to find stimulating?

  237. kcjacinto89 says:

    im a female.i saw a cleavage of a woman first, then i saw a BOOK..what does that mean?

  238. Pete says:

    Male, and I saw the open book first. I then had a look at the comments and saw people mention ‘boobs’, so I looked back. I can sort of see a cleavage area, but I mainly still see the open book! I think I’ve been single for too long!!!!

  239. Debbie says:

    Female, I too saw breasts. Then I read the answer, and saw the book – oops!

  240. tamtam says:

    open book
    marilyn-monroe-like pair of boobs
    barrel-vaulted ceiling
    two wine caskets in a corner

  241. Steph says:

    then still boobs
    then read the above
    then book
    is something wrong with me?

  242. Jamie says:

    Boobs (yay boobs) followed very closely by – book.
    boy. straight.

  243. João Vergílio says:

    The book first, and the boobs only after a “search” for a second possible interpretation.
    Nice blog!

  244. LaurenG says:

    female- saw book first but didn’t see the words – boobs shortly after.

  245. Seraph says:

    breasts, lol~

  246. libby says:

    i saw an open book with no printing on it and then i saw breasts with a top…i’m female

  247. Keira says:

    Female -boobs then a book the tird time i looked.

  248. unseenmind says:

    book – female. Then clevage

  249. editer1 says:

    Book – Male then…

  250. Someone says:

    Male (but female in previous life).
    Saw book first, than for a moment, I thought “Coulda be breasts” – but then: “No, it looks to unnatural for breasts – it is a book”.
    (Altough – actually it just is a painting).

  251. R.R. says:

    female-I saw both at the same time…strangely.

  252. puneet says:

    can you plz tell me wat is the conclusion of this survey …..

  253. Anonymous says:

    I saw a hundred! joke!
    Guy’s head and black hair on a woman’s breast
    mickey mouse
    something like sunset

  254. Lucy says:

    i saw a chest. then a book
    im a female

  255. meltedpoo says:

    Female, saw a book then a chest a few seconds later.

  256. Laura Parsons says:

    I immediately saw a cleavage. Tried to dismiss it as I like to be clever and see both. Laughed at myself and thought “why not see a cleavage? I’d love a cleavage like that!” then the open book jumped out at me. I’d be interested to know the results of this survey.

    • Laura says:

      Ooops sorry, too busy having cleavage envy to tell you I’m female. That wasn’t difficult to work out tho I guess!

  257. teobesta says:

    female, first the book then

  258. Fred Weasley's Girl says:

    Female. book first. then I thought it mite be a butt.

  259. Will B. says:

    First the book, then the breasts.
    I’m a guy, but I’m gay, so maybe that’s why I didn’t see the breasts first!

  260. vijay says:

    book, then boobs. male.

    The men who were “ashamed” (or similar) to have not seen the boobs first, I think, point to a large part of “male sexuality” in our culture (where “our” ~ western): we are “supposed” to be hyper-sexual, all the time, even when we aren’t.

    (For the record, however, the lamp/thong illusion got me the first time I saw it.

  261. White Wolf says:

    I saw a book first. After looking at it for awhile, I managed to see breasts. It’s easier for me to see the book. I look at it, and automatically think and see a book.

  262. White Wolf says:

    By the way, I am a female.

  263. Andres says:

    I see an empty book where I will write my fantasies about a lady with porcelana-skin breasts…

  264. sean s says:

    I saw the book first, the separated pages was too noticeable for me, then I noticed that it could be seen as boobs…. However, I saw this image before, except that it was suppose to be a folding sheet of paper and all I saw was boobs, so I googled it to see what the other image was suppose to be (it was an advertisement online and it was in spanish) and found out that it was a folded sheet of paper (very similar to this image) and then as I looked at the gallery of google images I saw this one and clicked on the link… so yeah.

    – male

  265. Miaya Sellers says:

    Female, I saw a boobs, a book, and looks like a chair pushed against the wall

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