As part of our recent day at the Edinburgh Science Festival exploring the science of ghosts, Ciaran O’Keeffe presented a two minute summary of Most Haunted. For those of you who don’t watch the show, Most Haunted is a very popular TV programme in which presenter Yvette Fielding, medium Derek Acorah and parapsychologist Ciaran O’Keeffe ‘investigate’ alledgely haunted locations.

Here is Ciaran’s very funny two minute summary of the show….

Ciaran is well-known for this article (pre-cursor of it here), in which he dramatically claimed that there might be normal explanations for Derek Acorah’s seemingly paranormal abilities. What do you think? Are you a fan of Most Haunted or do you think it is a load of tosh?


  1. Great, I enjoyed that. Ciaran’s interpretation very accurate. I used to watch MH to have a giggle at everyone reacting. I want a job where I get paid good money for arsing around in apparently haunted places.

  2. Never seen Most Haunted (though I saw a very nice parody of it on Saturday Night Live with Hugh Laurie), but I’ve seen other shows like it. To me, they’re a bit boring, but I suppose that’s because I don’t believe in ghosts. I do like stuff like Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer, but that’s fiction with cool CGI effects, as opposed to real-life speculation where nothing ever happens…

  3. From a scientific view Most haunted has no value whatsoever. However it should be noted that it isnt made to be a serious scientific analysis of ghosts, rather an entertainment to get “bums on seats”. Personally I would have been more impressed if most haunted did take a more scientific view. Too many ghost investigations over the years have failed to deliver because they have used mediums over scientists.

  4. If you assumed ghosts did not exist, but sat down and designed a protocol to create situations where people experienced weird things, you would end up with Most Haunted. Love Ciarán’s story about feeding duff information to crew members only to have Acorah come up with it later on in the show.

  5. Mh purports to be a serious show..(chokes laughing) Yvette and co have often stated that everything they show is for real…(chokes laughing again).
    My gripe is ..what the heck is Ciaran doing still on it.?

    Still crack up everytime I hear ‘Mary loves d***. Best Da one ever.

  6. Is a shame Nik.Wouldn’t be so bad if he kept sceptical but too many times he says he cant explain something when its so obvious. There is going with the flow then totally going against your beliefs just to earn money.

  7. Dr. Wiseman, what do you make of the Robertson/Roy experiments testing the abilities of mediums?

    -Roy, A. E. and Robertson, T. J.. (2001). A double-blind procedure for assessing the relevance of a medium’s statements to a recipient. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

    -Roy, A. E. and Robertson, T. J.. (2004) Results of the application of the Robertson-Roy protocol to a series of experiments with mediums and participants.

  8. Tricia Robertson herself claims to be a psychic, I always think that psychics who claim to be scientists will always have operator bias, and most likely deliberate bias, afterall they already believe and it is in the best interests of their own psychic career to prove such claims.

    Same with Gary Schwartz, another person who has seemingly pro-psychic results, and then you find out he himself is a self proclaimed psychic who charges exorbatant amounts of money for his “services” and in his case he was exposed on American TV as a fraud.

  9. Most Haunted is CLEARLY a load of tosh- but this being obviously the case why did Ciaran O’Keefe waste so much of his life appearing on it isntead of doing real research that might have gained him an academic caree? Was it the fame or was it the money?

  10. Most Haunted fake or not, to the person who wrote:

    “My gripe is ..what the heck is Ciaran doing still on it.?”

    I add…and isn’t it rather a shame that he’s going around mocking the very show and discrediting the very people who made him the household name that he now is for you all–for better or for worse? If nothing else, it shows there’s no sense of decency–let alone loyalty!–to the man whatsoever!

    And hence it follows that to:

    “why did Ciaran O’Keefe waste so much of his life appearing on it isntead of doing real research that might have gained him an academic caree?”

    couldn’t we answer that maybe it wasn’t academic glory he ever was after, but rather populistic tv-based celebrity, in the first place, and he just used Most Haunted for this purpose (again, leaving alone the possibility that he might just have been intelligent enough to realise from the outset that he just was not quite good enough to shine in the realms of academia!)? Maybe the whole “exposing” issue was just his response to some sort of internal feud with Antix…the way he got back at them for someting that might have happened between them, rather than a genuine concern for the show being a fake or for its deluded viewers.

    Don’t take me wrong…I’m not defending Yvette Fielding/Karl Beattie, Derek Acorah, or anybody else involved, nor claiming that they are genuine in any way…I’m just saying that if credibility is the issue, I really don’t think that judging by his actions, Ciaran O’Keeffe has any more than any of them or all of them put together, and in fact, true to form, all that now quote him as evidence to try to debunk know this very well (you’d have to be extremely dim not to! *lol*) and are doing nothing but using him in turn to try to bring MH down, just because it is successful and people like to watch it, and it bothers you simply because you don’t believe in ghosts and the fact that some people out there do miffs you.

    But hey, give them a bit more credit! Has it ever occurred to you that many people out there may watch the show simply for its entertainment value, rather than out of any belief that what happens there is for real or not??

  11. Hi, Ive been watching MH for a short while now as the concept seemed to be a really good one,but after a few episodes of what looks like “Ghostbusters meets the Three Stooges” I have come to the conclusion that the program is just a load of dreadfully concocted rubbish .No scientific evidence,just a lot of knob ends running about screaming. Do us all a big favour Most Haunted, “Do it right,or dont do it at all”

  12. I really like MH until the dreadful hammy performances from Derek Acorah! Also, just when things start to happen the MH team invariable call it a day, or start screaming like banshees and drown out any noise!!

  13. In the past year Ciaran has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt where his true loyalties and motives lie.

    He is a disgrace to skepticism and a joke to science.

    Richard Wiseman must be very ashamed of him

  14. I think that there were times on MH that strange things did happen but it all got lost with the comotion that ensued! It is entertaining but you cant really take it seriously, it isnt a full scale scientific investigation after all. I dont need convincing myself as I have lived in a haunted house and believe me it was’nt nice!! I lived in total fear and had to move.

  15. I am not sure I understand the argument.. Are you saying that only a person who does NOT believe in psychic phenomena can have valid results? Or does this belief in the non existence of the psychic constitute bias as well? What if a tester ‘becomes’ a believer? Does this negate the results if they are positive?

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  17. What’s to understand, Kathy? There are no positive results, all ectoplasms is cheeseclothed muslims and all mediums are frauds. Clue up.

    I should know, I am one, best in my class, and I’m not even psychic. lulz

    Jon Donnis
    R.I.P. Eveshi BFF

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