audia5veyronA few posts ago I noted how people see faces and personalties in the front of cars.  This is a nice example of ‘pareidolia’ – the ascribing of meaning to vague and random stimuli.  Yesterday, Phil sent me this great site full of illusionary faces….

People see faces in the strangest of things, including drink cans….




and even random cloud formations…


For more wonderful example explore ‘Faces Everywhere‘ on Yeeeeeee.

Do you tend to see faces where there are none?  What do you think that says about you?


  1. That cloud face is very convincing. If you hadn’t said it was real, I would have in no way believed it, and I’m still having doubts.

    As for the oven and the can, I totally see faces there too.

  2. Well, i guess what this means is that we are pretty imaginative in our thinks.

    and that is maybe why we have such wonderful and crazy ideas once in a while…

  3. Seeing faces in inanimate objests comes quite naturally to us as a species. I would assume its because faces are the first thing we see after birth and so the shape is very familiar to us.
    I wonder how we could test that…?
    Would a baby who never saw a human face other than his own be able to see faces in objects?

  4. Shush, Tim Jones, I am paranoid enough as it is! I signed up as a prospective guinea pig for the Goldsmith’s Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit. I hear nothing back from them at all, and then four weeks later I’m standing next to someone who is going aggressively crazy in a fast food restaurant, wondering “is this a test?”

  5. Surely the cloud is a fake, it too perfect. Eyes deep set in, the nose, lips, ears exactly where they should be, in fact….is that Richard Dreyfuss?

  6. I also think the cloud is fake it to real looking (by that I mean the face is to real looking, to perfect) saying that i do think it is possible to see faces in real clouds. as for the can and oven yeah I see the face.

  7. I’ve owned a couple of Nokia cell phones and I was always amused when I removed the faceplates as there was a simple smiley face built into the main structure of the phone.

    The first one was cute, the second one lead me to believe there is an amusing engineer at work in the Nokia labs.

  8. Great site with many “face” pictures and expressions to go along with them

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