Bill F just sent me an email with the header ‘creepy sheep chair’. Here’s why…..

My hunch is that there is an entire PhD to be had from this one picture alone. Any ideas about the type of person that might want one of these? And 10 points for the best caption.


  1. Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or are the legs fashioned to look like sheep’s legs as well, complete with hooves? That’s a really bizarre piece, but I do know several people who would probably love it.

  2. – “You should see what they did to the three little pigs.”

    – “This is not what I meant by head-rest”

    – “Bo-Peep found her sheep”

    – “Shear luxury”

  3. Here’s what you do:

    Get this chair and hide it in a closet or something. Get your pothead friends over for a visit and wait until they get high (stay sober yourself; it’s the most fun way). Once they’re sufficiently stoned, get them interested in some candle wax or something that’ll divert their attention for a couple of minutes.

    While they’re preoccupied, swap your chair for the sheep chair.

    Sit in it and wait for someone to notice it. When they point it out, pretend not to know what they’re talking about. Act as if it’s an ordinary chair. When they say it has sheep on it, deny it completely. Suggest that they might be going crazy.

    Potheads are fun!

  4. I could imagine this occupying an understated place in a dominatrix’s dungeon or maybe in the home of a controversial heavy metal singer. Anywhere else and it would stand out too much. It needs a dark, outrageous owner.

    Anywhere else, and it would just look a little too odd.

  5. Just stumbled on to this… I have no Idea whose blog this is but I have to say… relaxadermy almost made me pee my pants. 10 pts. to Relaxadermy!!!!

  6. I typed in chair on google and this is what shows up on the first page. There must be a lot of people out there wants this piece of eccentric chair….

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