1730Just been sent this great video (thanks Adrian).  I know a bit about juggling but cannot work out if it is genuine.  Any thoughts?

Here it is……

My only thought is that if it’s genuine, the nail may be being pulled from above.  There again, it might just be very good CGI.  What do you think?


  1. Certainly looks like it could be genuine. I’ve juggled hammers before, and you’ve got to use quite a bit of force to get them moving, but it shouldn’t be impossible. I’m sure people have juggled “off the ceiling” before, this is just that with accuracy.

    Of course, there was probably also a pretty decent sized pilot hole to get the nail to go in so easily.

  2. I don’t think there’s any CGI. It’s quite possibly entirely genuine, though I suspect it may have taken a few dozen takes. But it is suspicious that the close-up of hammers hitting the nail only show one hammer at a time and no juggler, so it could be that a few hundred video clips of single hammers being thrown at the nail were taken, and then the 4 or 5 successful ones were spliced into the video at the right time. This would require that the video was filmed and spliced at higher resolution and the zooms and camera shake effects added in post.

  3. Never mind the hammers. Did you see the next YouTube vid in line after he’d finished: ‘woman controls her chest’ . Now was THAT real.

    (It’s just a girl in a bikini showing remarkable self control – but I won’t link directly in deference to Richard’s reputation and sensitive viewers)

    Hammers could be real with pre-drilled hole, or cgi.

  4. If it’s real, then it’s amazing! Right before he starts juggling he says: “Don’t try this at home – it hurts.” Yes, that I can imagine.

  5. I’m sure it’s real.
    The way he puts those happers in at the end suggest that the wood is very soft. It’s possible that there was a pre drilled hole as well.
    I think the proof would be if there were other video’s around of him doing this act in other locations. If he is a professional performer then there certainly should be!

  6. I am pretty sure this is fake. I think it is really great CGI because the frame rate seems to change when we just see the hammers hit the nail. Looks amazing though!

  7. An initial viewing to me suggested that it could be genuine, I’d certainly be prepared to believe that it could be possible.

    However, a bit of digging reveals it was created by a viral marketing company, DSG Consulting to advertise the German hardware chain, Obi. Not that necessarily means that it’s not real of course, but it does make me automatically more suspicious.
    Details here: http://www.dialog-solutions.com/beispiele.php (but they don’t commit themselves one way or the other as to if it’s real or not!)

    Ok, I’m going to say real, but with a pre-drilled hole and very soft wood, because naively I don’t like to think people would fake juggling tricks.

    Oh, there’s also a version with English subtitles here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ByrC03ePHI (my German’s not up to confirming whether the subtitles are accurate though!)

  8. Just to clarify. The (german) video lakritze posted reveals that the video is fake. They interview the guy who did the CGI at around 8:30. I must say that it is very well done, though.

  9. The motion of the hammers at the end doesn’t look real. Also I’ve hammered plenty of nails upward into a ceiling and it’s not easy when holding on to the hammer. The force needed to move the nail would affect the travel of the hammer.

    Also they were smart in locating this in an area with light soft shadows, I still think that there would be greater shadowing on the wood from both the nail and the hammers.

    I say fake, probably digital

  10. It looked to me as if the nail were being pulled up as it appeared to move into the wood itself between about the 3rd and 4th hammer strike. Possibly someone sat in the rafters doing some well-timed & rather brave co-conspiring?

  11. If the hammers were to hit the nail I don’t think they would fall in the same fashion as they would when they’re simply juggled.

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