featherThis is something that I have wanted to do for ages. I need your help to make it happen.

I would like us to create two short stories one line at a time. Each story will start with the same initial line, but one of them will be written by men whilst the other will be written by women.

Each person can only submit ONE sentence, and the story will end after 50 sentences. Everyone has to work together to create something that is interesting, makes sense, and is a fun read.

Please encourage others to contribute – it will be interesting to see whether men or women finish first. We can then look at the resulting stories in terms of differences in character, plot and structure.

This is the FEMALE thread of the project so if you are a woman, feel free to contribute. Don’t be shy…here is the opening sentence…..

John looked nervously at his watch and waited for the door to open.


  1. With his heart beating in his ear, he consciously steadied his breath has his hand grazed the pistol at his side.

  2. As much as he had come to resent it over the past few months, the now-familiar weight of the weapon was an unexpected comfort.

  3. But then, he’d had a bad feeling from the beginning, from the moment when he’d first seen that ad in the newspaper.

  4. He reached again for the comfort of his Sig, knowing that the person coming through that door was actually a woman, and she very well might force his hand.

  5. He took no comfort from this distraction as each tick of the seconds hand from the gold plated clock above his desk thumped through his body, vibrating to his very core.

  6. At last he heard the familiar thump-THUMP, thump-THUMP, thump-THUMP of limping footsteps and the key rasp in the lock…

  7. Although the shot had blown the head off completely, it was immediately clear to him that this was not the person who had made him look like a fool by pretending to be a man and then publicly revealing ‘his’ non-existing male genitals.

  8. Instead were the remains of a young man in a parcel delivery uniform, his dead hands still holding an oddly-shaped packet.

  9. Not to be fooled with such instructions, he immediately snatched the package and tore it open using considerable force and speed.

  10. Panicking he rummaged carefully through the mass of packaging, suddenly he saw it,dull , liifeless and heavy on the cheap nylon carpet.

  11. Inside was a plastic model of a portion of the male genitalia adorned with a clown nose, part 3 of a cassette course on learning Esperanto, and a piece of paper with writing all over it, folded in the shape of a warthog.

  12. Another cryptic message from that sales assistant at the local sex shop who was trying to instill culture into him, he figured.

  13. Since he didn’t feel like playing along in that Da Vinci-code game, he tossed the contents of the parcel out the window.

  14. Surveying the scene – packaging littering the floor; scarlet blood giving the cheap carpet and scuffed walls a morbid, ironic sort of vitality; the crumpled body of the hapless delivery man – he decided: it was time to go.

  15. Suddenly registering the time displayed on the mobile phone, he decided that he had lingered way too long, and it was necessary to move on.

  16. He swiftly opened the brown back door, took a few steps outside onto the graveled drive before he looked up and halted, he felt his heart beat shudder the droplets of sweat on his chest.

  17. As he scanned the scene to get a clear overview of the situation, the voice of Dolores reappeared in his mind, and made him turn around quickly – where did she go?

  18. Though both of them were there competing for the same position which would normally be a deal breaker, their few minutes of nervous small talk before she was called in to the interview shifted his attention toward how he could see her again, no matter what happened today.

  19. “Did you drop this?”, he heard a loud voice. There she was- a woman holding the contents of the parcel he had thrown out of the window. He realized his knees were shaking. She walked slowly towards him and handed him the note. “Now read it”.

  20. Dave (for that was his name), thought to himself as he careered panic stricken towards the shelter, ‘If I can just flag down the first passing vehicle, I can escape this whole ridiculous mess and that Dolores Clown thing, whatever he/she is… and maybe the blame will be passed on to that sorry excuse for a man-clown instead’.

  21. He had to calm down, he had forgotten his gun, Dolores had seen him, and his finger prints where all over the show. What was he to do now? He must call Alice for instructions, she always knew what to do…

  22. A glance behind him confirmed his fear, the ominous figure was looming in his direction and he was unable to return for the weapon that could potentially free him from the situation he had initally desired to be in.

  23. He looked at her as she approached him, a strange and violent mixture of love, longing and hatred raging in his ravaged heart and he swung out blindly, hardly knowing what he was doing, knocking her off her feet and the note flying off in the chilly breeze.

  24. An albatross, it’s wingspan so broad it cast a shadow over both of them, swooped down and clawed the note before gliding off.

  25. Alice leaned in and touched her fingers to his neck pulse, as she waved to distant, flashing lights that were getting closer – ‘Appears the hallucinations have kicked in… can you hear me? Maybe it’s not too late…’

  26. “The sort of dream that people have in novels, and the reader is convinced it’s real…but then they wake up, and find that the guns and clowns are simply features of an overactive imagination.”

  27. It took him a minute to realize that the dancing colours were on the head of a woman with a familiar face; she hummed quietly with tears in her eyes.

  28. Harsh bells rung in Daves ears and he struggled to open his heavy eyelids, as he tried to focus he slammed the alarm clock at the side of his bed and sat up with a jolt.

  29. There, on the floor, lay a red nose, and a piece of paper with writing all over it, folded in the shape of a warthog

  30. Hey that was fun!
    I don’t see any differences in the male vs female story.
    Both had a “it was all a dream/drugs” theme. They all had a few people who didn’t read the instructions and wrote too much or got bits wrong.
    They both had people opening up the story only to be shut down with “And then the last thing didn’t happen”
    Both got really surreal.
    Anyone notice any difference?

  31. lol when i looked i thought there were fairly big differences- the blokes seemed more prone to “shouting down” each others dodgy storylines where as here people kind of worked with whatever bizzarreness was dealt them…but maybe im looking for things to confirm my expectations 😉

  32. Well, our John apparently had a name-change halfway through the story, and theirs didn’t. Other than that, theirs got chaotic a bit faster, but both ended pretty surreal.

  33. I took Eric to be a side character, somebody Dolores was talking to. If not, I’m going to wonder if people even read the first line…

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