orm51A few days ago I posted a piece in which I questioned the possibility of animal hypnosis. Several people have sent videos proving that it’s all genuine….

In this piece I asked whether it is possible to hypnotize lizards, chickens and lobsters. Well, it turns out that it is all true.

First up is Buddy demonstrating the classic rabbit stunt…

Next in line is a chicken with a stick….

Then comes Dr Sleep and one of the best ‘lobster hypnosis’ cruises acts in the world…

and finally…..lizards…I like ….’don’t get me in the picture though’….

I am not quite sure about the evolutionary significance of it all, but it does all work.


  1. 2 Richard Wiseman – you may find interesting the book “Hypnosis, Compliance and Belief”, there you can find good explanations about “animal hypnosis”, trance phenomena and other stuff related to hypnosis and myths around it. (I, inspired by everything of Derren Brown, am now studing all that I can find about hypnotic things)

  2. “I hate to be a killjoy but aren’t these animals just sedated?”

    Perhaps, but sedating an animal by putting a stick in front of it’s face is pretty fascinating, isn’t it? And isn’t “hypnotism” in humans just… well, relaxation?

  3. For confirmation of the lobster-nosis, check out the BBC prog – Stephen Fry in America where he does indeed get shown how to immobilise a lobster, and then eat it. Interestingly there is a little bit of ‘finger on the back rubbing’ going on which may distort some readers/viewers…

  4. “I didn’t see any evidence that the lobster in this video was alive at any point. I can do that to a dead lobster too”

    If you watch the Stephen Fry clip you will see after 26 seconds that he demonstrates that the lobster is still alive and ‘flapping away’.

    Besides, lobsters are kept alive right up to the moment they are cooked as they taste better. Whatever your moral thoughts are on that it does mean that dead lobsters are not useful to the fishermen, and this was a show primarily demonstrating the cultural infrastructure of Maine, not how to hypnotise a lobster.

  5. I know I’m extremely late to the party with this one, but the statement about tonic immobility is pretty much spot on.
    It’s also highly stressful to the rabbit to be turned on its back like that, both mentally and physically as their heart rate rockets.
    I don’t know about how these ‘hypnotisms’ affect other animals though.

  6. I tried to hypnotise a lobster today and one of the dinner guests said the meat tasted bad last time because of the lactic acid build up…i think she is a pain in the butt—-but does anyone know if this is true?

  7. actually what i am asking is if you hypnotise a lobster will the meat taste bad when it is cooked because of lactic acid buildup

  8. About the animal hypnosis see: Clerici CA, Veneroni L. “Ipnosi animale”, immobilità tonica e basi biologiche di trauma e dissociazione. (“Animal hypnosis”, tonic immobility and biological elements about trauma and dissociation). Aracne, Roma 2010

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